HOI4 Add_equipment Command

General Information

The add_equipment command in Hearts of Iron IV can be shortened to ae - ae is simply an alias, the two commands have exactly the same function. This command serves the basic but essential purpose of adding/cheating in equipment such as infantry equipment, anti tank equipment, etc. Cheating in equipment can be useful in many circumstances, for example, it can be useful for new players looking to learn/experiment with the mechanics of the game, and also useful for those who are just looking to have some fun playing the game less seriously. If you're looking for equipment codes, check out our equipment names list.


add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]

AmountThe amount of equipment you wish to add.
Equipment NameThe name of the equipment you wish to add.


add_equipment 1000 infantry_equipment_3

Executing this command adds 1000 of 'infantry_equipment_3' (Advanced Weapons).

ae 1000 infantry_equipment_3

This command is the exact same as the above command, but 'ae' (a shortened alias) is used, instead of the longer 'add_equipment'.

ae 100 super_heavy_tank_equipment_1

This command will add 100 of 'super_heavy_tank_equipment_1', which is the name for the Super Heavy Tank.

ae -100 infantry_equipment_1

This command removes 100 of 'infantry_equipment_1'.