Hearts of Iron 4 Country Tags

Find below a searchable list of all HOI4 country tags, for use with console commands such as the tag command.

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Tag Country (Democratic) Country (Neutral)
GER German Republic Germany
ENG United Kingdom Great Britain
SOV Russian Federation Russia
USA United States Confederate States
SWE Sweden Kingdom of Sweden
FRA France Bourbon France
LUX Luxembourg Royalist Luxembourg
BEL Belgium Leopoldian Belgium
HOL Netherlands Kingdom of Netherlands
CZE Czechoslovakia Kingdom of Bohemia
POL Polish Republic Poland
AUS Republic of Austria Austria
LIT Republic of Lithuania Lithuania
EST Republic of Estonia Estonia
LAT Republic of Latvia Latvia
SPR Spain Spanish Empire
ITA Republican Italy Kingdom of Italy
ROM Romania Kingdom of Romania
YUG Yugoslavian Confederation Yugoslavia
SWI Switzerland Switzerland
TUR Republic of Turkey Turkey
GRE Hellenic Republic Greece
ALB Republic of Albania Albania
NOR Norway Kingdom of Norway
DEN Denmark Kingdom of Denmark
BUL Republic of Bulgaria Bulgaria
POR Portuguese Republic Portugal
FIN Republic of Finland Finland
IRE Ireland Free Ireland
HUN Republic of Hungary Kingdom of Hungary
AFG Republic of Afghanistan Afghanistan
ARG Argentine Republic Argentina
BOL Plurinational Bolivia Bolivia
BRA Second Brazilian Republic Brazil
CAN Canada Free Canadian Republic
CHI Republic of China China
PRC Chinese Republic China
CHL Chile Atacama-Patagonian Free State
COL Colombia Nueva ConstituciĆ³n
COS Costa Rica Reino de la Costa
ECU Ecuador Galapagos Regime
ELS Republic of El Salvador Teocracia de El Salvador
GUA Republic of Guatemala Guatemala
HON Honduras Atlas Honduras
IRQ Iraqi Republic Iraq
JAP State of Japan Japanese Shogunate
MEX Mexican Opposition Mexico
MON Mongolian Parliamentary Republic Great Mongolian State
NEP Federal Republic of Nepal Nepal
NIC Republic of Nicaragua Nicaragua
PAN Panama Costas Hermanas
PAR Republic of Paraguay Paraguay
PER Republic of Iran Iran
PHI Philippines Independent Philippines
PRU Republic of Peru Peruvian Independent State
SAF South Africa Unitary South Africa
SAU Arabian Republic Saudi Arabia
SIA Republic of Thailand Siam
SIK Sinkiang Independent Republic State of Sinkiang
TAN Tuva Independent Republic Tannu Uriankhai
TIB Republic of Tibet Tibet
VEN Federal Republic of Venezuela Bolivarian Venezuela
YUN Yunnan Independent Republic Yunnan
AST Australia Emu Empire
NZL New Zealand Nova Zeelandia Republic
URG Uruguay Colegiado Uruguay
CUB Cuba Anarcho-republic of Cuba
DOM Representative Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
HAI Haiti Kingdom of Haiti
OMA Republic of Oman Oman
YEM Yemen Arab Republic Yemen
ETH Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ethiopia
SLO Slovak Republic Free State of Slovakia
BHU Bhutanese Republic Bhutan
LIB Liberia Independent Liberia
RAJ India India
CRO Republic of Croatia Kingdom of Croatia
GXC Guangxi Independent Republic Guangxi Clique
SHX Shanxi Republic Shanxi
XSM Hui Republic Xibei San Ma
MEN Republic of Mengjiang Mengjiang
KOR Korea Joseon Empire
SER Serbia Serbia
ICE Iceland Island
SYR Syria Kingdom of Syria
LEB Lebanon Lebanon
JOR Jordan Kingdom of Jordan
EGY Egypt Kingdom of Egypt
LBA Libyan Electorate Kingdom of Libya
WGR West Germany Bayern-Hannover
DDR Constitutional Germany Kingdom of Prussia
PAL Palestine Free Mandate of Palestine
ISR Israel Free State of Jerusalem
VIN Republic of Vietnam Republic of Vietnam
CAM Republic of Cambodia Republic of Cambodia
INS Republic of Indonesia Indonesia
MAL Republic of Malaysia Republic of Malaysia
LAO Republic of Laos Kingdom of Laos
MNT Republic of Montenegro Montenegro
UKR Republic of Ukraine Ukraine
GEO Republic of Georgia Free State of St. George
KAZ Republic of Kazakhstan Kingdom of Kazakhstan
AZR Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Islamic Republic of Azerbaijan
ARM Republic of Armenia Armenian Independent Territories
BLR Republic of Belarus Belarus
ANG Republic of Angola Angola
MZB Republic of Mozambique Mozambique
ZIM Republic of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
COG Republic of the Congo Zaire
KEN Republic of Kenya Kenya
PAK Republic of Pakistan Pakistan
BOT Republic of Botswana Botswana
MAN Manchu Republic Manchukuo