Hearts of Iron 4 Unit Cheat Code List

Find below our table of unit names to unit codes conversions for use with console commands in Hearts of Iron IV.

For more help spawning units in Hearts of Iron, please see our spawning units guide on our blog - this post will take you through the basics of the spawn command.

Stellaris Technology IDs Victoria 2 Unit IDs

Unit Name Unit Cheat Code
Support Anti-Tank anti_tank
Support Anti-Air anti_air
Support Artillery artillery
Support Rocket Artillery rocket_artillery
Rocket Artillery rocket_artillery_brigade
Anti-Tank anti_tank_brigade
Anti-Air anti_air_brigade
Artillery artillery_brigade
Light Tank Destroyer light_tank_destroyer_brigade
Medium Tank Destroyer medium_tank_destroyer_brigade
Heavy Tank Destroyer heavy_tank_destroyer_brigade
Super Heavy Tank Destroyer super_heavy_tank_destroyer_brigade
Modern Tank Destroyer modern_tank_destroyer_brigade
Light SP Anti-Air light_sp_anti_air_brigade
Medium SP Anti-Air medium_sp_anti_air_brigade
Heavy SP Anti-Air heavy_sp_anti_air_brigade
Super Heavy SP Anti-Air super_heavy_sp_anti_air_brigade
Modern SP Anti-Air modern_sp_anti_air_brigade
Light SP Artillery light_sp_artillery_brigade
Medium SP Artillery medium_sp_artillery_brigade
Heavy SP Artillery heavy_sp_artillery_brigade
Super Heavy SP Artillery super_heavy_sp_artillery_brigade
Modern SP Artillery modern_sp_artillery_brigade
Cavalry cavalry
Light Tank light_armor
Medium Tank medium_armor
Heavy Tank heavy_armor
Super-Heavy Tank super_heavy_armor
Motorized Infantry motorized
Mechanized Infantry mechanized
Modern Tank modern_armor
Infantry infantry
Paratroopers paratrooper
Marines marine
Mountaineers mountaineers
Recon Company recon
Engineer Company engineer
Field Hospital field_hospital
Logistics Company logistics_company
Military Police military_police
Signal Company signal_company
Maintenance Company maintenance_company