Hearts of Iron IV Equipment Cheat Codes

Below is a list of conversions for equipment names to equipment codes in Hearts of Iron IV. These tags are most commonly used to spawn equipment into the game.

The 'add_equipment' or 'ae' command can be used with these codes . An example is:

/ae 1000 artillery_equipment_1 - using this command would add 1000 Towed Artillery.

You may first need to unlock equipment before using it. You can do this with the 'research_on_icon_click' (more info) command.

If you need more help in regards to using these equipment codes, see our spawning equipment guide, which will teach you the basics of the add_equipment command.

Name Code
Submarine submarine
Light Cruiser light_cruiser
Heavy Cruiser heavy_cruiser
Destroyer destroyer
Carrier carrier
Battleship battleship
Battlecruiser battle_cruiser
Convoy convoy
Superheavy Battleship sh_battleship
Light Airframe light_airframe
Medium Airframe medium_airframe
Heavy Airframe heavy_airframe
Jet Engines jet_engines
Convoy convoy_1
Motorized motorized_equipment
Motorized (Support Eq.) motorized_equipment_1
Support Equipment support_equipment
Support Equipment support_equipment_1
Mechanized (Mechanized) mechanized_equipment
Mechanized Equipment I (Mechanized I) mechanized_equipment_1
Mechanized Equipment II (Mechanized II) mechanized_equipment_2
Mechanized Equipment III (Mechanized III) mechanized_equipment_3
Heavy Tank heavy_tank_equipment
Heavy Tank I (H. Tank I) heavy_tank_equipment_1
Armor tank_armor_upgrade
Main Gun tank_gun_upgrade
Anti-Air Armament tank_aa_upgrade
Anti-Tank Armament tank_at_upgrade
Artillery Armament tank_art_upgrade
Reliability tank_reliability_upgrade
Engine tank_engine_upgrade
Gun ship_gun_upgrade
Torpedo ship_torpedo_upgrade
Armor ship_armor_upgrade
Armor carrier_armor_upgrade
Engine ship_engine_upgrade
Reliability ship_reliability_upgrade
Anti-Air ship_anti_air_upgrade
ASW ship_ASW_upgrade
Engine destroyer_engine_upgrade
Engine sub_engine_upgrade
Stealth sub_stealth_upgrade
Torpedo sub_torpedo_upgrade
Deck space ship_deckspace_upgrade
Weapons plane_gun_upgrade
Weapons cv_plane_gun_upgrade
Engine plane_engine_upgrade
Range plane_range_upgrade
Range cv_plane_range_upgrade
Reliability plane_reliability_upgrade
Attack plane_naval_upgrade
Attack cv_plane_naval_upgrade
Bombing plane_bomb_upgrade
Bombing plane_tac_bomb_upgrade
Attack plane_cas_upgrade
Guided Missile guided_missile_equipment
Basic Guided Missile (Guided Missile I) guided_missile_equipment_1
Improved Guided Missile (Guided Missile II) guided_missile_equipment_2
Advanced Guided Missile (Guided Missile III) guided_missile_equipment_3
Improved Artillery artillery_equipment_2
Advanced Artillery artillery_equipment_3
Improved Anti-Air anti_air_equipment_2
Advanced Anti-Air anti_air_equipment_3
Advanced Rocket Artillery rocket_artillery_equipment_2
Improved Anti-Tank anti_tank_equipment_2
Advanced Anti-Tank anti_tank_equipment_3
Motorized Rocket Artillery (Mot. R. Artillery) motorized_rocket_equipment
Motorized Rocket Artillery (Mot. R. Artillery) motorized_rocket_equipment_1
Nahuel D.L. 43 (Nahuel) ARG_medium_tank_equipment_2
Mark V (Mark V) AST_gw_tank_equipment
Vickers Medium Mark II (Vickers II) AST_light_tank_equipment_1
Matilda Local Pattern (Matilda LP) AST_light_tank_equipment_2
Valentine Local Pattern (Valentine LP) AST_light_tank_equipment_3
Birch (Birch) AST_light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Bishop (Bishop) AST_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Archer (Archer) AST_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Deacon (Deacon) AST_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Vickers II AA (Vickers II AA) AST_light_tank_aa_equipment_1
Matilda AA (Matilda AA) AST_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Valentine AA (Valentine AA) AST_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
Crusader Local Pattern (Crusader LP) AST_medium_tank_equipment_1
AC I Sentinel (Sentinel) AST_medium_tank_equipment_2
AC III Thunderbolt (Thunderbolt) AST_medium_tank_equipment_3
Cavalier (Cavalier) AST_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Charioteer (Charioteer) AST_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Centaur (Centaur) AST_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Avenger (Avenger) AST_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Sexton (Sexton) AST_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Crusader AA (Crusader AA) AST_medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
Cromwell AA (Cromwell AA) AST_medium_tank_aa_equipment_2
Comet Marksman (Comet Marksman) AST_medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
LP2-A QF 2-Pounder (LP2) AST_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Carrier, 3-inch Mortar (Aust) (LP2 3-inch) AST_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
AC IV (AC IV) AST_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Vickers A1E1 'Independent' (Vickers) AST_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Churchill Local Pattern (Churchill LP) AST_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Churchill Black Prince (Black Prince LP) AST_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Tortoise (Tortoise) AST_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Centurion (Centurion) AST_modern_tank_equipment_1
Gun Carrier Mk. I (Gun Carrier Mk. I) AST_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Churchill AVRE (Churchill AVRE) AST_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Black Prince AVRE (Black Prince AVRE) AST_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Churchill Gun Carrier (Churchill Gun Carrier) AST_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Hector (Hector) AST_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Churchill AA (Churchill AA) AST_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_2
Black Prince Marksman (Black Prince Marksman) AST_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_3
Centurion Malkara (Centurion Malkara) AST_modern_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Centurion AVRE (Centurion AVRE) AST_modern_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Centurion Marksman (Centurion Marksman) AST_modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
Iron Duke (Iron Duke) AST_super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
SA F.R.C. 47mm (SA 47mm) BEL_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
SA F.R.C. 76mm (SA 76mm) BEL_light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
CLR T15 (T15) BEL_light_tank_equipment_2
T13 B1/B2 (T13 B1/B2) BEL_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
T13 B3 (T13 B3) BEL_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
ACG-1 (ACG-1) BEL_medium_tank_equipment_1
Crusader Local Pattern (Crusader LP) CAN_medium_tank_equipment_1
Sexton (Sexton) CAN_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Ram (Ram) CAN_medium_tank_equipment_2
Ram QF 3.7 inch (Ram QF 3.7 inch) CAN_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Grizzly (Grizzly) CAN_medium_tank_equipment_3
Skink (Skink) CAN_medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
Sexton II (Sexton II) CAN_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Cavalier (Cavalier) CAN_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Contentious (Contentious) CAN_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Centaur (Centaur) CAN_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Crusader AA (Crusader AA) CAN_medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
Cromwell AA (Cromwell AA) CAN_medium_tank_aa_equipment_2
Mark V (Mark V) CAN_gw_tank_equipment
Vickers Medium Mark II (Vickers II) CAN_light_tank_equipment_1
Matilda Local Pattern (Matilda LP) CAN_light_tank_equipment_2
Valentine (Valentine) CAN_light_tank_equipment_3
Birch (Birch) CAN_light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Priest (Priest) CAN_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Bishop (Bishop) CAN_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Archer (Archer) CAN_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Deacon (Deacon) CAN_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Valiant (Valiant) CAN_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Vickers II AA (Vickers II AA) CAN_light_tank_aa_equipment_1
Matilda AA (Matilda AA) CAN_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Valentine AA (Valentine AA) CAN_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
Vickers A1E1 'Independent' (Vickers) CAN_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Churchill Local Pattern (Churchill LP) CAN_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Churchill Black Prince (Black Prince LP) CAN_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Tortoise (Tortoise) CAN_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Centurion (Centurion) CAN_modern_tank_equipment_1
Gun Carrier Mk. I (Gun Carrier Mk. I) CAN_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Churchill AVRE (Churchill AVRE) CAN_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Black Prince AVRE (Black Prince AVRE) CAN_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Churchill Gun Carrier (Churchill Gun Carrier) CAN_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Hector (Hector) CAN_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Churchill AA (Churchill AA) CAN_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_2
Black Prince Marksman (Black Prince Marksman) CAN_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_3
Centurion Malkara (Centurion Malkara) CAN_modern_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Centurion AVRE (Centurion AVRE) CAN_modern_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Centurion Marksman (Centurion Marksman) CAN_modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
Iron Duke (Iron Duke) CAN_super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Type 34 Xiao (Type 34) CHI_light_tank_equipment_1
Type 36 Xiao (Type 36) CHI_light_tank_equipment_2
Type 41 Xiao (Type 41) CHI_light_tank_equipment_3
Type 39 Zhōng (Type 39) CHI_medium_tank_equipment_1
Type 41 Zhōng (Type 41) CHI_medium_tank_equipment_2
Type 43 Zhōng (Type 43) CHI_medium_tank_equipment_3
Type 34 Dà (Type 34 Dà) CHI_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Type 41 Dà (Type 41 Dà) CHI_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Type 43 Dà (Type 43 Dà) CHI_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Type 59 (Type 59) CHI_modern_tank_equipment_1
Tancik vz. 33 (T vz. 33) CZE_gw_tank_equipment
LT vz. 34 (LT vz. 34) CZE_light_tank_equipment_1
LT vz. 35 (LT vz. 35) CZE_light_tank_equipment_2
S-I deslovy (S-I-D) CZE_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
LT vz. 41 (LT vz. 41) CZE_light_tank_equipment_3
T-1D (T-1D) CZE_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
LT vz. 38 (LT vz. 38) CZE_medium_tank_equipment_1
Stihac Tanku I (ST-I) CZE_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
ST vz. 39 (ST vz. 39) CZE_medium_tank_equipment_2
ST vz. 43 (ST vz. 43) CZE_medium_tank_equipment_3
TT vz. 34 (TT vz. 34) CZE_heavy_tank_equipment_1
TT vz. 41 (TT vz. 41) CZE_heavy_tank_equipment_2
TT vz. 43 (TT vz. 43) CZE_heavy_tank_equipment_3
STT vz. 44 'Valdstejn' (STT vz. 44) CZE_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Skoda T 50 (Skoda T 50) CZE_modern_tank_equipment_1
Birch (Birch) ENG_light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Priest (Priest) ENG_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Bishop (Bishop) ENG_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Archer (Archer) ENG_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Deacon (Deacon) ENG_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Valiant (Valiant) ENG_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Vickers II AA (Vickers II AA) ENG_light_tank_aa_equipment_1
Matilda AA (Matilda AA) ENG_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Valentine AA (Valentine AA) ENG_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
Cavalier (Cavalier) ENG_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Charioteer (Charioteer) ENG_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Contentious (Contentious) ENG_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Centaur (Centaur) ENG_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Avenger (Avenger) ENG_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Sexton (Sexton) ENG_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Crusader AA (Crusader AA) ENG_medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
Cromwell AA (Cromwell AA) ENG_medium_tank_aa_equipment_2
Comet Marksman (Comet Marksman) ENG_medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
Gun Carrier Mk. I (Gun Carrier Mk. I) ENG_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Churchill AVRE (Churchill AVRE) ENG_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Black Prince AVRE (Black Prince AVRE) ENG_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Churchill Gun Carrier (Churchill Gun Carrier) ENG_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Hector (Hector) ENG_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Churchill AA (Churchill AA) ENG_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_2
Black Prince Marksman (Black Prince Marksman) ENG_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_3
Centurion Malkara (Centurion Malkara) ENG_modern_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Centurion AVRE (Centurion AVRE) ENG_modern_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Centurion Marksman (Centurion Marksman) ENG_modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
Iron Duke (Iron Duke) ENG_super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Mark V (Mark V) SAF_gw_tank_equipment
Vickers Medium Mark II (Vickers II) SAF_light_tank_equipment_1
Matilda Local Pattern (Matilda LP) SAF_light_tank_equipment_2
Valentine (Valentine) SAF_light_tank_equipment_3
Birch (Birch) SAF_light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Priest (Priest) SAF_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Bishop (Bishop) SAF_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Archer (Archer) SAF_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Deacon (Deacon) SAF_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Valiant (Valiant) SAF_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Vickers II AA (Vickers II AA) SAF_light_tank_aa_equipment_1
Matilda AA (Matilda AA) SAF_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Valentine AA (Valentine AA) SAF_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
Crusader Local Pattern (Crusader LP) SAF_medium_tank_equipment_1
Cromwell Local Pattern (Cromwell LP) SAF_medium_tank_equipment_2
Comet Local Pattern (Comet LP) SAF_medium_tank_equipment_3
Cavalier (Cavalier) SAF_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Charioteer (Charioteer) SAF_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Contentious (Contentious) SAF_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Centaur (Centaur) SAF_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Avenger (Avenger) SAF_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Sexton (Sexton) SAF_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Crusader AA (Crusader AA) SAF_medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
Cromwell AA (Cromwell AA) SAF_medium_tank_aa_equipment_2
Comet Marksman (Comet Marksman) SAF_medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
Vickers A1E1 'Independent' (Vickers) SAF_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Churchill Local Pattern (Churchill LP) SAF_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Churchill Black Prince (Black Prince LP) SAF_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Tortoise (Tortoise) SAF_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Centurion (Centurion) SAF_modern_tank_equipment_1
Gun Carrier Mk. I (Gun Carrier Mk. I) SAF_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Churchill AVRE (Churchill AVRE) SAF_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Black Prince AVRE (Black Prince AVRE) SAF_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Churchill Gun Carrier (Churchill Gun Carrier) SAF_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Hector (Hector) SAF_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Churchill AA (Churchill AA) SAF_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_2
Black Prince Marksman (Black Prince Marksman) SAF_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_3
Centurion Malkara (Centurion Malkara) SAF_modern_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Centurion AVRE (Centurion AVRE) SAF_modern_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Centurion Marksman (Centurion Marksman) SAF_modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
Iron Duke (Iron Duke) SAF_super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Mark V (Mark V) NZL_gw_tank_equipment
Bob Semple (Bob Semple) NZL_light_tank_equipment_1
Schofield Tank (Schofield Tank) NZL_light_tank_equipment_2
Valentine (Valentine) NZL_light_tank_equipment_3
Birch (Birch) NZL_light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Priest (Priest) NZL_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Bishop (Bishop) NZL_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Archer (Archer) NZL_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Deacon (Deacon) NZL_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Valiant (Valiant) NZL_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Vickers II AA (Vickers II AA) NZL_light_tank_aa_equipment_1
Matilda AA (Matilda AA) NZL_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Valentine AA (Valentine AA) NZL_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
Crusader Local Pattern (Crusader LP) NZL_medium_tank_equipment_1
Cromwell Local Pattern (Cromwell LP) NZL_medium_tank_equipment_2
Comet Local Pattern (Comet LP) NZL_medium_tank_equipment_3
Cavalier (Cavalier) NZL_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Charioteer (Charioteer) NZL_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Contentious (Contentious) NZL_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Centaur (Centaur) NZL_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Avenger (Avenger) NZL_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Sexton (Sexton) NZL_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Crusader AA (Crusader AA) NZL_medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
Cromwell AA (Cromwell AA) NZL_medium_tank_aa_equipment_2
Comet Marksman (Comet Marksman) NZL_medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
Vickers A1E1 'Independent' (Vickers) NZL_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Churchill Local Pattern (Churchill LP) NZL_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Churchill Black Prince (Black Prince LP) NZL_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Big Bob (Big Bob) NZL_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Centurion (Centurion) NZL_modern_tank_equipment_1
Gun Carrier Mk. I (Gun Carrier Mk. I) NZL_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Churchill AVRE (Churchill AVRE) NZL_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Black Prince AVRE (Black Prince AVRE) NZL_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Churchill Gun Carrier (Churchill Gun Carrier) NZL_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Hector (Hector) NZL_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Churchill AA (Churchill AA) NZL_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_2
Black Prince Marksman (Black Prince Marksman) NZL_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_3
Centurion Malkara (Centurion Malkara) NZL_modern_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Centurion AVRE (Centurion AVRE) NZL_modern_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Centurion Marksman (Centurion Marksman) NZL_modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
Iron Duke (Iron Duke) NZL_super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Mark V (Mark V) RAJ_gw_tank_equipment
Vickers II (Vickers II) RAJ_light_tank_equipment_1
Matilda Local Pattern (Matilda LP) RAJ_light_tank_equipment_2
Valentine (Valentine) RAJ_light_tank_equipment_3
Birch (Birch) RAJ_light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Priest (Priest) RAJ_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Bishop (Bishop) RAJ_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Archer (Archer) RAJ_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Deacon (Deacon) RAJ_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Valiant (Valiant) RAJ_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Vickers II AA (Vickers II AA) RAJ_light_tank_aa_equipment_1
Matilda AA (Matilda AA) RAJ_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Valentine AA (Valentine AA) RAJ_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
Crusader Local Pattern (Crusader LP) RAJ_medium_tank_equipment_1
Cromwell Local Pattern (Cromwell LP) RAJ_medium_tank_equipment_2
Comet Local Pattern (Comet LP) RAJ_medium_tank_equipment_3
Cavalier (Cavalier) RAJ_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Charioteer (Charioteer) RAJ_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Contentious (Contentious) RAJ_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Centaur (Centaur) RAJ_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Avenger (Avenger) RAJ_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Sexton (Sexton) RAJ_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Crusader AA (Crusader AA) RAJ_medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
Cromwell AA (Cromwell AA) RAJ_medium_tank_aa_equipment_2
Comet Marksman (Comet Marksman) RAJ_medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
Vickers A1E1 'Independent' (Vickers) RAJ_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Churchill Local Pattern (Churchill LP) RAJ_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Churchill Black Prince (Black Prince LP) RAJ_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Tortoise (Tortoise) RAJ_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Centurion (Centurion) RAJ_modern_tank_equipment_1
Gun Carrier Mk. I (Gun Carrier Mk. I) RAJ_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Churchill AVRE (Churchill AVRE) RAJ_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Black Prince AVRE (Black Prince AVRE) RAJ_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Churchill Gun Carrier (Churchill Gun Carrier) RAJ_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Hector (Hector) RAJ_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Churchill AA (Churchill AA) RAJ_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_2
Black Prince Marksman (Black Prince Marksman) RAJ_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_3
Centurion Malkara (Centurion Malkara) RAJ_modern_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Centurion AVRE (Centurion AVRE) RAJ_modern_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Centurion Marksman (Centurion Marksman) RAJ_modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
Iron Duke (Iron Duke) RAJ_super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Canon de 194 mle GPF (Canon de 194) FRA_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
AMR 35 ZT-3 (AMR 35 ZT-3) FRA_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Canon de 155 mm Mle F3 Automoteur (F3 155 mm) FRA_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Laffly W15 TCC (W15 TCC) FRA_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
ARL V39 (ARL V39) FRA_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Sturmtiger (Sturmtiger) GER_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Straussler V-3/V4 (V3/V4) HUN_light_tank_equipment_1
38M Toldi (38M Toldi) HUN_light_tank_equipment_2
Toldi Rohamlöveg (Toldi Rohamlöveg) HUN_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Toldi III (Toldi III) HUN_light_tank_equipment_3
Toldi páncélvadász (Toldi pvd.) HUN_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
40M Nimród (40M Nimród) HUN_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Turán I (Turán I) HUN_medium_tank_equipment_1
Zrínyi I (Zrínyi I) HUN_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Turán II (Turán II) HUN_medium_tank_equipment_2
Zrínyi II (Zrínyi II) HUN_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Turán III (Turán III) HUN_medium_tank_equipment_3
34M Rákóczi (34M Rákóczi) HUN_heavy_tank_equipment_1
41M Hunyadi (41M Hunyadi) HUN_heavy_tank_equipment_2
44M Tas (44M Tas) HUN_heavy_tank_equipment_3
44M Tas Rohamlöveg (Tas Rohamlöveg) HUN_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
43M Csák (43M Csák) HUN_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
46M Árpád (46M Árpád) HUN_modern_tank_equipment_1
L3 controcarro (L3 cc) ITA_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Semovente 47/32 (Semovente 47/32) ITA_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Semovente 75/34 (Semovente 75/34) ITA_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Semovente M41 75/18 (Semovente M 41 75/18) ITA_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Semovente M41M 90/53 (Semovente M41M 90/53) ITA_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Semovente M15/42 contraereo (Semovente M15/42) ITA_medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
Semovente M42L 105/25 (Semovente M42L 105/25) ITA_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Semovente da 149/40 (Semovente da 149/40) ITA_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Ko-Gata Sensha (Ko-Gata) JAP_gw_tank_equipment
Type 1 Ho-Ni I (Ho-Ni I) JAP_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Type 3 Ho-Ni III (Ho-Ni III) JAP_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Type 5 Na-To (Na-To) JAP_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Type 2 Ho-I (Ho-I) JAP_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Type 4 Ho-Ro (Ho-Ro) JAP_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Type 4 Ha-To (Ha-To) JAP_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Type 4 Ke-Nu (Ke-Nu) JAP_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Type 5 Ku-Se (Ku-Se) JAP_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Type 5 Ho-Ru (Ho-Ru) JAP_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Type 98 Ko-Hi AA (Ko-Hi AA) JAP_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Type 98 Ta-Se (Ta-Se) JAP_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
Type 95 Ji-Ro (Ji-Ro) JAP_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Type 5 Ho-Chi (Ho-Chi) JAP_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Type 3 Ka-To (Ka-To) JAP_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Type 5 Ho-Ri (Ho-Ri) JAP_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Stridsvogn FT-17 (Strv. FT-17) NOR_gw_tank_equipment
Stridsvogn m/34 (Strv. m/34) NOR_light_tank_equipment_1
Landsverk L-120 (L-120) NOR_light_tank_equipment_2
Stridsvogn m/41 (Strv. m/41) NOR_light_tank_equipment_3
Panservogn m/39 (Pansv. m/39) NOR_medium_tank_equipment_1
Panservogn m/41 (Pansv. m/41) NOR_medium_tank_equipment_2
Panservogn m/43 (Pansv. m/43) NOR_medium_tank_equipment_3
Stormvogn m/34 (Stv. m/34) NOR_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Stormvogn m/41 (Stv. m/41) NOR_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Stormvogn m/43 (Stv. m/43) NOR_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Tung Stormvogn m/44 'Isbjorn' (Tstv. m/44) NOR_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Renault FT-17 (FT-17) ROM_gw_tank_equipment
R-1 (R-1) ROM_light_tank_equipment_1
Vânătorul De Care R-35 (VDC R35) ROM_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
R-2 (R-2) ROM_light_tank_equipment_2
TACAM R-1 (TACAM R-1) ROM_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
TACAM T-38 (TACAM T-38) ROM_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
T-41 (T-41) ROM_light_tank_equipment_3
T-39 (T-39) ROM_medium_tank_equipment_1
Maresal M-03 (122mm M-03) ROM_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Maresal 20mm TA (4x20mm TA) ROM_medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
TACAM T-60 (TACAM T-60) ROM_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Skoda T-21 R-3 (R-3) ROM_medium_tank_equipment_2
TACAM R-2 (TACAM R-2) ROM_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
R-43 (R-43) ROM_medium_tank_equipment_3
Horea (Horea) ROM_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Iancu (Iancu) ROM_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Maresal (Maresal) ROM_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Maresal 37mm TA (Maresal 37mm TA) ROM_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_3
Maresal Mare (Maresal Mare) ROM_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Trubia A4 (Trubia A4) SPR_gw_tank_equipment
Trubia Naval (Trubia Naval) SPR_light_tank_equipment_1
Verdeja 1 (Verdeja 1) SPR_light_tank_equipment_2
Verdeja 2 (Verdeja 2) SPR_light_tank_equipment_3
Trubia A4 (Trubia A4) SPA_gw_tank_equipment
Trubia Naval (Trubia Naval) SPA_light_tank_equipment_1
Verdeja 1 (Verdeja 1) SPA_light_tank_equipment_2
Verdeja 2 (Verdeja 2) SPA_light_tank_equipment_3
Strv m/31 (Strv m/31) SWE_light_tank_equipment_1
Pvkv IVA (Pvkv IVA) SWE_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Lvkv L-62 (Lvkv L-62) SWE_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Strv m/40 (Strv m/40) SWE_light_tank_equipment_3
Pvkv IVB (Pvkv IVB) SWE_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Lvkv fm/43 (Lvkv fm/43) SWE_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
Pvkv II (Pvkv II) SWE_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Pav m/43 (Pav m/43) SWE_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Lvkv L-62 II (Lvkv L-62 II) SWE_medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
Pvkv m/43 (Pvkv m/43) SWE_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Sav m/43 (Sav m/43) SWE_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Strv m/45 (Strv m/45) SWE_medium_tank_equipment_3
Pvkv III (Pvkv III) SWE_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Ikv 73 (Ikv 73) SWE_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Strv 81 (Strv 81) SWE_modern_tank_equipment_1
Lvkv m/49 (Lvkv m/49) SWE_modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
Ikv m/53 (Ikv m/53) SWE_modern_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Tstrv m/34 (Tstrv m/34) SWE_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Tstrv m/41 (Tstrv m/41) SWE_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Tstrv m/43 (Tstrv m/43) SWE_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Tstrv m/44 'Gustav II Adolf' (Tstrv m/44) SWE_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
M6 Gun Motor Carriage (M6 GMC) USA_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
T56 Gun Motor Carriage (T56 GMC) USA_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
M8 Howitzer Motor Carriage (M8 HMC) USA_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
T65 Gun Motor Carriage (T65 GMC) USA_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
T48 Gun Motor Carriage (T48 GMC) USA_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
M41 Howitzer Motor Carriage (M41 HMC) USA_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
M19 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage (M19 GMC) USA_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
M7 Priest (M7 Priest) USA_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
M12 Gun Motor Carriage (M12 GMC) USA_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
M40 Gun Motor Carriage (M40 GMC) USA_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
M10 Wolverine (M10) USA_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
M18 Hellcat (M18) USA_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
M36 Jackson (M36) USA_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
T92 Howitzer Motor Carriage (T92 HMC) USA_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
M42 Duster (Duster) USA_modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
Renault FT-17 (FT-17) YUG_gw_tank_equipment
Projekat Laki Tenk M1934 (LT M34) YUG_light_tank_equipment_1
Projekat Laki Tenk M1936 (LT M36) YUG_light_tank_equipment_2
Projekat Laki Tenk M1941 (LT M41) YUG_light_tank_equipment_3
Projekat Srednji Tenk M1939 (ST M39) YUG_medium_tank_equipment_1
Projekat Srednji Tenk M1941 (ST M41) YUG_medium_tank_equipment_2
Projekat M320 (M320) YUG_medium_tank_equipment_3
Projekat Teski Tenk M1934 (TT M34) YUG_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Projekat Teski Tenk M1941 (TT M41) YUG_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Projekat Teski Tenk M1943 (TT M43) YUG_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Teski Tenk Kraljevic Marko (Kraljevic Marko) YUG_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Projekat Igman (Igman) YUG_modern_tank_equipment_1
Great War Tank (Great War Tank) gw_tank_equipment
Leichttraktor (Leichttraktor) GER_gw_tank_equipment
Mark V (Mark V) ENG_gw_tank_equipment
Stridsvagn m/21 (Strv m/21) SWE_gw_tank_equipment
T-18 (T-18) SOV_gw_tank_equipment
Fiat 3000 (Fiat 3000) ITA_gw_tank_equipment
Renault FT-17 (FT-17) FRA_gw_tank_equipment
Light Tank light_tank_equipment
Light Tank I (L. Tank I) light_tank_equipment_1
Panzerkampfwagen I (Panzer I) GER_light_tank_equipment_1
Vickers Medium Mark II (Vickers II) ENG_light_tank_equipment_1
M2 Light Tank (M2 Light) USA_light_tank_equipment_1
T-26 (T-26) SOV_light_tank_equipment_1
Type 94 Tankette (Type 94) JAP_light_tank_equipment_1
L3 (L3) ITA_light_tank_equipment_1
Hotchkiss H35 (H35) FRA_light_tank_equipment_1
Light Tank II (L. Tank II) light_tank_equipment_2
Panzerkampfwagen II (Panzer II) GER_light_tank_equipment_2
Light Tank III (L. Tank III) light_tank_equipment_3
VK1602 Leopard (Leopard) GER_light_tank_equipment_3
Matilda (Matilda) ENG_light_tank_equipment_2
Landsverk L-60 (Strv L-60) SWE_light_tank_equipment_2
M3 Stuart (M3 Stuart) USA_light_tank_equipment_2
BT-7 (BT-7) SOV_light_tank_equipment_2
Type 95 Ha-Go (Ha-Go) JAP_light_tank_equipment_2
L6 (L6) ITA_light_tank_equipment_2
FCM 36 (FCM 36) FRA_light_tank_equipment_2
Light SP Artillery light_tank_artillery_equipment
Light SP Artillery I (L. SPG I) light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Light SP Artillery II (L. SPG II) light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Light SP Artillery III (L. SPG III) light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Sturmpanzer I Bison (Bison) GER_light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Sd. Kfz. 124 Wespe (Wespe) GER_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Waffentrager Leopard (WT Leopard) GER_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
SU-76-26 (SU-76-26) SOV_light_tank_artillery_equipment_1
SU-76-7 (SU-76-7) SOV_light_tank_artillery_equipment_2
SU-76 (SU-76) SOV_light_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Valentine (Valentine) ENG_light_tank_equipment_3
Chaffee (Chaffee) USA_light_tank_equipment_3
T-60 scout (T-60) SOV_light_tank_equipment_3
Type 98 Ke-Ni (Ke-Ni) JAP_light_tank_equipment_3
L8 (L8) ITA_light_tank_equipment_3
AMX 12t (AMX 12t) FRA_light_tank_equipment_3
Light Tank Destroyer (L. Tank Destroyer) light_tank_destroyer_equipment
Light Tank Destroyer I (L. TD I) light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Light Tank Destroyer II (L. TD II) light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Light Tank Destroyer III (L. TD III) light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Panzerjager I (Pzjager I) GER_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
7.5 cm PaK 40 auf Fahrgestell Marder II (Marder II) GER_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Sturmgeschuetz auf Leopard (JagdLeopard) GER_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
SU-37 (SU-37) SOV_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
SU-45 (SU-45) SOV_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
ZiS-30 (ZiS-30) SOV_light_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Light SP Anti-Air light_tank_aa_equipment
Light SP Anti-Air I (L. AA I) light_tank_aa_equipment_1
Light SP Anti-Air II (L. AA II) light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Light SP Anti-Air III (L. AA III) light_tank_aa_equipment_3
Flakpanzer I (FlakPz I) GER_light_tank_aa_equipment_1
Flakpanzer Luchs (FlakPz Luchs) GER_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
Flakpanzer 1602 (FlakPz 1602) GER_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
ZSU-12.7 (ZSU-12.7) SOV_light_tank_aa_equipment_1
ZSU-12.7-2 (ZSU-12.7-2) SOV_light_tank_aa_equipment_2
ZSU-37 (ZSU-37) SOV_light_tank_aa_equipment_3
Medium Tank medium_tank_equipment
Medium Tank I (M. Tank I) medium_tank_equipment_1
Panzerkampfwagen III (Panzer III) GER_medium_tank_equipment_1
Stridsvagn m/31 (Strv m/31) SWE_medium_tank_equipment_1
Crusader (Crusader) ENG_medium_tank_equipment_1
M3 Lee (M3 Lee) USA_medium_tank_equipment_1
A-32 (A-32) SOV_medium_tank_equipment_1
Type 97 Chi-Ha (Chi-Ha) JAP_medium_tank_equipment_1
Fiat M11/39 (M11/39) ITA_medium_tank_equipment_1
Renault AMC 35 (AMC 35) FRA_medium_tank_equipment_1
Medium Tank II (M. Tank II) medium_tank_equipment_2
Panzerkampfwagen IV (Panzer IV) GER_medium_tank_equipment_2
Stridsvagn m/42 (Strv m/42) SWE_medium_tank_equipment_2
Cromwell (Cromwell) ENG_medium_tank_equipment_2
M4 Sherman (Sherman) USA_medium_tank_equipment_2
T-34 (T-34) SOV_medium_tank_equipment_2
Type 3 Chi-Nu (Chi-Nu) JAP_medium_tank_equipment_2
M16 Sahariano (M16) ITA_medium_tank_equipment_2
SOMUA S35 (S35) FRA_medium_tank_equipment_2
Medium Tank III (M. Tank III) medium_tank_equipment_3
Panzerkampfwagen V Panther (Panther) GER_medium_tank_equipment_3
Comet (Comet) ENG_medium_tank_equipment_3
T20 M27 (T20) USA_medium_tank_equipment_3
T-44 (T-44) SOV_medium_tank_equipment_3
Type 5 Chi-Ri (Chi-Ri) JAP_medium_tank_equipment_3
M20/43 (M20/43) ITA_medium_tank_equipment_3
SARL 42 (SARL 42) FRA_medium_tank_equipment_3
Medium SP Artillery (M. SPG) medium_tank_artillery_equipment
Medium SP Artillery I (M. SPG I) medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Medium SP Artillery II (M. SPG II) medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Medium SP Artillery III (M. SPG III) medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Grille (Grille) GER_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Hummel (Hummel) GER_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Grille 12 (Grille 12) GER_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
SU-76-32 (SU-76-32) SOV_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_1
SU-122 (SU-122) SOV_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_2
SU-152-44 (SU-152-44) SOV_medium_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Medium Tank Destroyer (M. Tank Destroyer) medium_tank_destroyer_equipment
Medium Tank Destroyer I (M. TD I) medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Medium Tank Destroyer II (M. TD II) medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Medium Tank Destroyer III (M. TD III) medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) GER_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Jagdpanzer IV (JagdPz IV) GER_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Jagdpanther (Jagdpanther) GER_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
SU-85-32 (SU-85-32) SOV_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
SU-85 (SU-85) SOV_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
SU-100 (SU-100) SOV_medium_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Medium SP Anti-Air medium_tank_aa_equipment
Medium SP Anti-Air I (M. AA I) medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
Medium SP Anti-Air II (M. AA II) medium_tank_aa_equipment_2
Medium SP Anti-Air III (M. AA III) medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
Flakpanzer III Möbelwagen (Möbelwagen) GER_medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
Flakpanzer IV Ostwind (Ostwind) GER_medium_tank_aa_equipment_2
Flakpanzer Coelian (Coelian) GER_medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
ZSU-37-32 (ZSU-37-32) SOV_medium_tank_aa_equipment_1
ZSU-37-34 (ZSU-37-34) SOV_medium_tank_aa_equipment_2
ZSU-57-44 (ZSU-57-44) SOV_medium_tank_aa_equipment_3
Grosstraktor (Grosstraktor) GER_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Vickers A1E1 'Independent' (Vickers) ENG_heavy_tank_equipment_1
T1 Heavy Tank (T1 Heavy) USA_heavy_tank_equipment_1
T-35 (T-35) SOV_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Type 95 Heavy Tank (Type 95) JAP_heavy_tank_equipment_1
P75 (P75) ITA_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Renault B1 (B1) FRA_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Heavy Tank II (H. Tank II) heavy_tank_equipment_2
Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger (Tiger) GER_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Churchill (Churchill) ENG_heavy_tank_equipment_2
M6A1 Heavy Tank (M6A1) USA_heavy_tank_equipment_2
KV-1 (KV-1) SOV_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Iwakuro (Iwakuro) JAP_heavy_tank_equipment_2
P26 (P26) ITA_heavy_tank_equipment_2
ARL 44 (ARL 44) FRA_heavy_tank_equipment_2
Heavy Tank III (H. Tank III) heavy_tank_equipment_3
Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B (King Tiger) GER_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Churchill Black Prince (Black Prince) ENG_heavy_tank_equipment_3
M26 pershing (Pershing) USA_heavy_tank_equipment_3
IS (IS) SOV_heavy_tank_equipment_3
O-I (O-I) JAP_heavy_tank_equipment_3
P43 (P43) ITA_heavy_tank_equipment_3
AMX-M4 (AMX-M4) FRA_heavy_tank_equipment_3
Heavy SP Artillery heavy_tank_artillery_equipment
Heavy SP Artillery I (H. SPG I) heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Heavy SP Artillery II (H. SPG II) heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
Heavy SP Artillery III (H. SPG III) heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Geschützwagen Tiger (GW Tiger) GER_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
SU-14 (SU-14) SOV_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
SU-152 (SU-152) SOV_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_2
ISU-152 (ISU-152) SOV_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_3
Heavy Tank Destroyer (H. Tank Destroyer) heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment
Heavy Tank Destroyer I (H. TD I) heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Heavy Tank Destroyer II (H. TD II) heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Heavy Tank Destroyer III (H. TD III) heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Selbstfahrlafette auf VK3001(H) Sturer Emil (Sturer Emil) GER_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Panzerjäger Tiger (P) (Elefant) GER_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
Panzerjäger Tiger Ausf. B (Jagdtiger) GER_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
SMK (SMK) SOV_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
SU-100-Y (SU-100-Y) SOV_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_2
ISU-122 (ISU-122) SOV_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_3
Heavy SP Anti-Air heavy_tank_aa_equipment
Heavy SP Anti-Air I (H. AA I) heavy_tank_aa_equipment_1
Heavy SP Anti-Air II (H. AA II) heavy_tank_aa_equipment_2
Heavy SP Anti-Air III (H. AA III) heavy_tank_aa_equipment_3
ZSU-12.7-4 (ZSU-12.7-4) SOV_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_1
ZSU-37-Y (ZSU-37-Y) SOV_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_2
ISU-57-2 (ISU-57-2) SOV_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_3
Super Heavy Tank super_heavy_tank_equipment
Super Heavy Tank (SH. Tank) super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (Maus) GER_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Tortoise (Tortoise) ENG_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
T95 Super Heavy Tank (T95) USA_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
IS-7 (IS-7) SOV_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Type 2604 (Type 2604) JAP_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
Il Duce (Il Duce) ITA_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
FCM-F1 (FCM-F1) FRA_super_heavy_tank_equipment_1
SH. SP Artillery super_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment
Super Heavy SP Artillery (SH. SPG) super_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Geschützwagen E-100 (GW E-100) GER_super_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
ISU-203 (ISU-203) SOV_super_heavy_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Super Heavy SP Tank Destroyer (SH. Tank Destroyer) super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment
Super Heavy SP Tank Destroyer (SH. TD) super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
SturmGeschütz auf Fahrgestell Maus (Jagdmaus) GER_super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
ISU-130 (ISU-130) SOV_super_heavy_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Super Heavy SP Anti-Air super_heavy_tank_aa_equipment
Super Heavy SP Anti-Air (SH. AA) super_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_1
Flakpanzer VIII Maus (FlakMaus) GER_super_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_1
ISU-57-4 (ISU-57-4) SOV_super_heavy_tank_aa_equipment_1
Modern Tank modern_tank_equipment
Modern Tank (Mod. Tank) modern_tank_equipment_1
E-50 Standardpanzer (E-50) GER_modern_tank_equipment_1
Centurion (Centurion) ENG_modern_tank_equipment_1
M46 Patton (Patton) USA_modern_tank_equipment_1
T-54 (T-54) SOV_modern_tank_equipment_1
Type 61 (Type 61) JAP_modern_tank_equipment_1
P45 (P45) ITA_modern_tank_equipment_1
AMX 50t (AMX 50t) FRA_modern_tank_equipment_1
Modern SP Artillery modern_tank_artillery_equipment
Modern SP Artillery (Modern SPG) modern_tank_artillery_equipment_1
SU-152-54 (SU-152-54) SOV_modern_tank_artillery_equipment_1
Modern Tank Destroyer modern_tank_destroyer_equipment
Modern Tank Destroyer (Modern TD) modern_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
E-25 Standardpanzer (E-25) GER_modern_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
SU-122-54 (SU-122-54) SOV_modern_tank_destroyer_equipment_1
Modern SP Anti-Air modern_tank_aa_equipment
Modern SP Anti-Air (Modern AA) modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
ZSU-57-2 (ZSU-57-2) SOV_modern_tank_aa_equipment_1
Opel Blitz GER_motorized_equipment_1
Scania-Vabis SWE_motorized_equipment_1
Citroen U23 FRA_motorized_equipment_1
Austin K5 ENG_motorized_equipment_1
Austin K5 CAN_motorized_equipment_1
Ford F30 AP AST_motorized_equipment_1
Ford F30 NZP NZL_motorized_equipment_1
GMC CCKW USA_motorized_equipment_1
Type 94 JAP_motorized_equipment_1
Fiat 626 ITA_motorized_equipment_1
ZIS-5 SOV_motorized_equipment_1
38M Botond HUN_motorized_equipment_1
Tatra T72 CZE_motorized_equipment_1
AFB 3-ton ROM_motorized_equipment_1
Ursus A POL_motorized_equipment_1
VTZ YS-4403 YUG_motorized_equipment_1
Sonderkraftfahrzeug 11 (Sd.Kfz. 11) GER_mechanized_equipment_1
Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251 (Sd.Kfz. 251) GER_mechanized_equipment_2
Sonderkraftfahrzeug 251/20 (Sd.Kfz. 251/20) GER_mechanized_equipment_3
Terrängbil m/42 KP (m/42 KP) SWE_mechanized_equipment_3
M2 Half Track Car (M2 Half Track Car) USA_mechanized_equipment_1
M3 Half-Track (M3 Half-Track) USA_mechanized_equipment_2
M5 Half-Track (M5 Half-Track) USA_mechanized_equipment_3
Type 1 Ho-Ki (Type 1 Ho-Ki) JAP_mechanized_equipment_1
Type 1 Ho-Ha (Type 1 Ho-Ha) JAP_mechanized_equipment_2
Type 4 Ka-Tsu (Type 4 Ka-Tsu) JAP_mechanized_equipment_3
Citroen P107 (Citroen P107) FRA_mechanized_equipment_1
SOMUA MCG (SOMUA MCG) FRA_mechanized_equipment_2
AMX-VCI (AMX-VCI) FRA_mechanized_equipment_3
Stormpanservogn I (Stpv. I) NOR_mechanized_equipment_1
Stormpanservogn II (Stpv. II) NOR_mechanized_equipment_2
Stormpanservogn III (Stpv. III) NOR_mechanized_equipment_3
C4P (C4P) POL_mechanized_equipment_1
C2P (C2P) POL_mechanized_equipment_2
C7P (C7P) POL_mechanized_equipment_3
BTR M1941 (BTR M1941) SOV_mechanized_equipment_1
BTR M1943 (BTR M1943) SOV_mechanized_equipment_2
BTR-152 (BTR-152) SOV_mechanized_equipment_3
Stuart Kangaroo (Stuart Kangaroo) CAN_mechanized_equipment_1
Ram Kangaroo (Ram Kangaroo) CAN_mechanized_equipment_2
Churchill Kangaroo (Churchill Kangaroo) CAN_mechanized_equipment_3
Bren Carrier (Bren Carrier) ENG_mechanized_equipment_1
Universal Carrier (Universal Carrier) ENG_mechanized_equipment_2
Churchill Kangaroo (Churchill Kangaroo) ENG_mechanized_equipment_3
Bren Carrier (Bren Carrier) RAJ_mechanized_equipment_1
Universal Carrier (Universal Carrier) RAJ_mechanized_equipment_2
Windsor Carrier (Windsor Carrier) RAJ_mechanized_equipment_3
Bren Carrier LP (Bren Carrier) AST_mechanized_equipment_1
Universal Carrier LP (Universal Carrier) AST_mechanized_equipment_2
Windsor Carrier LP (Windsor Carrier) AST_mechanized_equipment_3
Bren Carrier LP (Bren Carrier) SAF_mechanized_equipment_1
Universal Carrier LP (Universal Carrier) SAF_mechanized_equipment_2
Windsor Carrier LP (Windsor Carrier) SAF_mechanized_equipment_3
Bren Carrier LP (Bren Carrier) NZL_mechanized_equipment_1
Universal Carrier LP (Universal Carrier) NZL_mechanized_equipment_2
Windsor Carrier LP (Windsor Carrier) NZL_mechanized_equipment_3
Fiat 2800 (Fiat 2800) ITA_mechanized_equipment_1
Fiat 727 (Fiat 727) ITA_mechanized_equipment_2
Breda 61 (Breda 61) ITA_mechanized_equipment_3
Towed Anti-Air (Anti-Air) anti_air_equipment
Towed Anti-Tank (Anti-Tank) anti_tank_equipment
Canon de 25 mm (Canon de 25 mm) FRA_anti_tank_equipment_1
47mm SA 37 FRA_anti_tank_equipment_2
Canon de 76 mm modèle 1943 (Canon de 76 mm mle 1943) FRA_anti_tank_equipment_3
3,7cm KPÚV vz. 34 (3,7cm KPÚV vz. 34) CZE_anti_tank_equipment_1
4,7cm KPÚV vz. 38 CZE_anti_tank_equipment_2
7,5cm KPÚV vz. 43 CZE_anti_tank_equipment_3
QF 2-pounder (QF 2-pounder) ENG_anti_tank_equipment_1
QF 6-pounder ENG_anti_tank_equipment_2
QF 17-pounder ENG_anti_tank_equipment_3
QF 2-pounder (QF 2-pounder) RAJ_anti_tank_equipment_1
QF 6-pounder RAJ_anti_tank_equipment_2
QF 17-pounder RAJ_anti_tank_equipment_3
QF 2-pounder (QF 2-pounder) CAN_anti_tank_equipment_1
QF 6-pounder CAN_anti_tank_equipment_2
QF 17-pounder CAN_anti_tank_equipment_3
QF 2-pounder (QF 2-pounder) AST_anti_tank_equipment_1
QF 6-pounder AST_anti_tank_equipment_2
QF 17-pounder AST_anti_tank_equipment_3
QF 2-pounder (QF 2-pounder) NZL_anti_tank_equipment_1
QF 6-pounder NZL_anti_tank_equipment_2
QF 17-pounder NZL_anti_tank_equipment_3
QF 2-pounder (QF 2-pounder) SAF_anti_tank_equipment_1
QF 6-pounder SAF_anti_tank_equipment_2
QF 17-pounder SAF_anti_tank_equipment_3
3,7 cm PaK 36 (3,7 cm PaK 36) GER_anti_tank_equipment_1
7,5 cm PaK 40 GER_anti_tank_equipment_2
12,8 cm PaK 44 GER_anti_tank_equipment_3
37 mm Gun M3 (37 mm Gun M3) USA_anti_tank_equipment_1
57 mm Gun M1 USA_anti_tank_equipment_2
3-inch Gun M5 USA_anti_tank_equipment_3
Type 94 37 mm (Type 94) JAP_anti_tank_equipment_1
Type 1 47 mm JAP_anti_tank_equipment_2
Type 4 75 mm JAP_anti_tank_equipment_3
36M 47 mm (36M) HUN_anti_tank_equipment_1
38M 50 mm HUN_anti_tank_equipment_2
43M 75 mm HUN_anti_tank_equipment_3
M 1930 37 mm (M1930) SOV_anti_tank_equipment_1
M 42 45 mm SOV_anti_tank_equipment_2
76.2 mm ZiS-3 SOV_anti_tank_equipment_3
Solothurn S-18/1000 (Solothurn S-18/1000) ITA_anti_tank_equipment_1
Cannone da 47/32 ITA_anti_tank_equipment_2
Cannone da 75/46 ITA_anti_tank_equipment_3
Armata ppanc. 37mm wz. 36 (37mm wz. 36) POL_anti_tank_equipment_1
Armata ppanc. 47mm wz. 39 POL_anti_tank_equipment_2
Armata ppanc. 76mm wz. 43 POL_anti_tank_equipment_3
37mm Fodfolkskanon m1937 (37mm m1937) DEN_anti_tank_equipment_1
47mm Fodfolkskanon m1940 DEN_anti_tank_equipment_2
75mm Fodfolkskanon m1943 DEN_anti_tank_equipment_3
Bofors 37mm pansarvärnskanon (Bofors 37mm) SWE_anti_tank_equipment_1
57mm pansarvärnskanon (57mm pvkan.) SWE_anti_tank_equipment_2
75mm pansarvärnskanon m/43 (75mm pvkan m/43) SWE_anti_tank_equipment_3
Bofors 37mm panservernkanon (Bofors 37mm) NOR_anti_tank_equipment_1
47mm panservernkanon NOR_anti_tank_equipment_2
76mm panservernkanon NOR_anti_tank_equipment_3
37 PstK/36 ( 37 PstK/36) FIN_anti_tank_equipment_1
47mm Böhler Modell 35 AUS_anti_tank_equipment_2
47mm Model 1931 (47mm Model 1931) BEL_anti_tank_equipment_1
47 mm Schneider-Concordia 1936 (47mm Schneider 36) ROM_anti_tank_equipment_1
75 mm Schneider 97/38 ROM_anti_tank_equipment_2
75 mm Resita Model 1943 ROM_anti_tank_equipment_3
37 mm Type 14 (37mm Type 14) CHI_anti_tank_equipment_1
37 mm Type 30 CHI_anti_tank_equipment_2
75 mm Type 43 CHI_anti_tank_equipment_3
Towed Anti-Air (Anti-Air) anti_air_equipment_1
Hotchkiss 25mm (Hotchkiss 25 mm) FRA_anti_air_equipment_1
Schneider 37 mm FRA_anti_air_equipment_2
Canon de 75 CA modèle 1940 FRA_anti_air_equipment_3
2 cm FlaK 30 (2 cm FlaK 30) GER_anti_air_equipment_1
2 cm Flakvierling 38 GER_anti_air_equipment_2
8.8 cm Flak 41 GER_anti_air_equipment_3
Type 98 20 mm (Type 98 20 mm) JAP_anti_air_equipment_1
Type 2 20 mm JAP_anti_air_equipment_2
Type 3 80 mm JAP_anti_air_equipment_3
QF 3-inch 20 cwt (QF 3-inch) ENG_anti_air_equipment_1
QF 40 mm Bofors ENG_anti_air_equipment_2
QF 3.7-inch ENG_anti_air_equipment_3
QF 3-inch 20 cwt (QF 3-inch) RAJ_anti_air_equipment_1
QF 40 mm Bofors RAJ_anti_air_equipment_2
QF 3.7-inch RAJ_anti_air_equipment_3
QF 3-inch 20 cwt (QF 3-inch) CAN_anti_air_equipment_1
QF 40 mm Bofors CAN_anti_air_equipment_2
QF 3.7-inch CAN_anti_air_equipment_3
QF 3-inch 20 cwt (QF 3-inch) AST_anti_air_equipment_1
QF 40 mm Bofors AST_anti_air_equipment_2
QF 3.7-inch AST_anti_air_equipment_3
QF 3-inch 20 cwt (QF 3-inch) NZL_anti_air_equipment_1
QF 40 mm Bofors NZL_anti_air_equipment_2
QF 3.7-inch NZL_anti_air_equipment_3
QF 3-inch 20 cwt (QF 3-inch) SAF_anti_air_equipment_1
QF 40 mm Bofors SAF_anti_air_equipment_2
QF 3.7-inch SAF_anti_air_equipment_3
Breda Model 35 (Breda Model 35) ITA_anti_air_equipment_1
Cannone-Mitragliera da 37/54 ITA_anti_air_equipment_2
Cannone da 90/53 ITA_anti_air_equipment_3
37 mm Gun M1 (37 mm Gun M1) USA_anti_air_equipment_1
40 mm M1 USA_anti_air_equipment_2
90 mm Gun M3 USA_anti_air_equipment_3
M1939 37 mm AA (M1939 37 mm AA) SOV_anti_air_equipment_1
M1940 25 mm AA SOV_anti_air_equipment_2
KS-19 100 mm SOV_anti_air_equipment_3
Armata plot. 40mm wz. 36 Bofors (40mm wz. 36) POL_anti_air_equipment_1
Armata plot. 75mm wz. 36 POL_anti_air_equipment_2
20 mm maskinkanon m/40 (20mm m/40) SWE_anti_air_equipment_1
40 mm lvakan m/36 SWE_anti_air_equipment_2
8 cm luftvärnskanon m/30 SWE_anti_air_equipment_3
ZB vz. 60 (ZB vz. 60) CZE_anti_air_equipment_1
7.5 cm kanon PL vz. 37 CZE_anti_air_equipment_2
9 cm kanon Pl vz. 12/20 CZE_anti_air_equipment_3
20 mm Madsen M/38 (20 mm M/38) DEN_anti_air_equipment_1
TA calibru 37mm model 1939 (Astra Rheinmetall 37mm) ROM_anti_air_equipment_1
75mm Vickers-Resita M1936 ROM_anti_air_equipment_2
9cm Skoda 12/30 ROM_anti_air_equipment_3
7,62 ITKK 31 VKT (31 VKT) FIN_anti_air_equipment_1
Colt mitraljöse m/29 NOR_anti_air_equipment_1
40mm maskinkanon m/36 NOR_anti_air_equipment_2
7.5 cm luftvernkanon m/32 NOR_anti_air_equipment_3
Towed Anti-Tank (Anti-Tank) anti_tank_equipment_1
Towed Artillery (Artillery) artillery_equipment
Canon de 75 modèle 1897 (Canon de 75 mle 1897) FRA_artillery_equipment_1
Canon de 105 L mle 1936 FRA_artillery_equipment_2
Canon de 155mm GPF FRA_artillery_equipment_3
8 cm kanon vz. 30 (8 cm kanon vz. 30) CZE_artillery_equipment_1
10.5 cm hruby kanon vz. 35 CZE_artillery_equipment_2
15 cm hrubá houfnice vzor 37 CZE_artillery_equipment_3
10.5 cm Leichte Feldhaubitze 18 (10.5 cm LeFH 18) GER_artillery_equipment_1
15 cm sFH 18 GER_artillery_equipment_2
15 cm Kanone 18 GER_artillery_equipment_3
QF 18-pounder (QF 18-pounder) ENG_artillery_equipment_1
QF 25-pounder ENG_artillery_equipment_2
BL 5.5-inch Medium Gun ENG_artillery_equipment_3
QF 18-pounder (QF 18-pounder) RAJ_artillery_equipment_1
QF 25-pounder RAJ_artillery_equipment_2
BL 5.5-inch Medium Gun RAJ_artillery_equipment_3
QF 18-pounder (QF 18-pounder) CAN_artillery_equipment_1
QF 25-pounder CAN_artillery_equipment_2
BL 5.5-inch Medium Gun CAN_artillery_equipment_3
QF 18-pounder (QF 18-pounder) AST_artillery_equipment_1
QF 25-pounder AST_artillery_equipment_2
BL 5.5-inch Medium Gun AST_artillery_equipment_3
QF 18-pounder (QF 18-pounder) NZL_artillery_equipment_1
QF 25-pounder NZL_artillery_equipment_2
BL 5.5-inch Medium Gun NZL_artillery_equipment_3
QF 18-pounder (QF 18-pounder) SAF_artillery_equipment_1
QF 25-pounder SAF_artillery_equipment_2
BL 5.5-inch Medium Gun SAF_artillery_equipment_3
75 mm Gun M1897 (75 mm Gun M1897) USA_artillery_equipment_1
105 mm M101A1 USA_artillery_equipment_2
155 mm M114 USA_artillery_equipment_3
M1936 76 mm (M1936 76 mm) SOV_artillery_equipment_1
M1940 107 mm SOV_artillery_equipment_2
M1943 152 mm SOV_artillery_equipment_3
Cannone da 75/27 modello 06 (Cannone da 75/27) ITA_artillery_equipment_1
Cannone da 149/40 modello 35 (Cannone da 149/40 m/35) ITA_artillery_equipment_2
Obice da 210/22 modello 35 ITA_artillery_equipment_3
Type 95 75 mm (Type 95 75 mm) JAP_artillery_equipment_1
Type 91 10 cm JAP_artillery_equipment_2
Type 96 15 cm JAP_artillery_equipment_3
Kongsberg M.27 75 mm (M.27 75 mm) NOR_artillery_equipment_1
12 cm felthaubits/m09 NOR_artillery_equipment_2
12 cm felthaubits/m32 NOR_artillery_equipment_3
Armata 75mm wz. 31 St. (75mm wz. 31) POL_artillery_equipment_1
Haubica 100mm wz. 38 St. POL_artillery_equipment_2
Armata 155mm wz. 40 POL_artillery_equipment_3
10,5 cm kanon m/34 (10.5 cm m/34) SWE_artillery_equipment_1
10,5 cm Haubits m/40 SWE_artillery_equipment_2
12 cm Haubits m/14 SWE_artillery_equipment_3
7,5 cm Gebirgskanone M. 15 (7,5 cm M. 15) AUS_artillery_equipment_1
15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze M. 15 (15 cm schw. FH M.15) AUS_artillery_equipment_2
15 cm Autokanone M. 15/16 AUS_artillery_equipment_3
7,5 cm Siderius Model 02/04 (7,5 cm M 02/04) HOL_artillery_equipment_1
10,5 cm 10-veld HOL_artillery_equipment_2
12 cm 12 lang 14 HOL_artillery_equipment_3
Canon de 75 mle TR (Canon de 75) BEL_artillery_equipment_1
Canon de 75 mle GP III BEL_artillery_equipment_2
Canon de 120mm L mle 1931 BEL_artillery_equipment_3
105mm Schneider M1913 (105mm Schneider 13) ROM_artillery_equipment_1
150mm Skoda M1934 (150mm M1934) ROM_artillery_equipment_2
155mm Schneider M1917 (155mm M1917) ROM_artillery_equipment_3
75mm Type 10 Gan (75mm Type 10) CHI_artillery_equipment_1
105mm Type 16 Jin CHI_artillery_equipment_2
150mm Type 14/19 CHI_artillery_equipment_3
1905 ös mintáju 8 cm (8 cm M1905) HUN_artillery_equipment_1
15cm 35M Tábori Tarack (15cm 35M) HUN_artillery_equipment_2
21cm 40M Nehéz Tarack (21cm 40M) HUN_artillery_equipment_3
Towed Rocket Artillery (Rocket Artillery) rocket_artillery_equipment
28/32 cm Nebelwerfer 41 (Nebelwerfer 41) GER_rocket_artillery_equipment_1
21 cm Nebelwerfer 42 GER_rocket_artillery_equipment_2
Type 4 20 cm Rocket Mortar (Type 4 20 cm) JAP_rocket_artillery_equipment_1
Type 4 40 cm Rocket Mortar JAP_rocket_artillery_equipment_2
M-8-6 (M-8-6) SOV_rocket_artillery_equipment_1
M-20-4 (M-20-4) SOV_rocket_artillery_equipment_2
M8 Rocket (M8) USA_rocket_artillery_equipment_1
M16 Rocket (M16) USA_rocket_artillery_equipment_2
RP-3 High Explosive/General Purpose (RP-3 HE/GP) ENG_rocket_artillery_equipment_1
RP-3 High Explosive/Semi Armor-Piercing (RP-3 HE/SAP) ENG_rocket_artillery_equipment_2
RP-3 High Explosive/General Purpose (RP-3 HE/GP) SAF_rocket_artillery_equipment_1
RP-3 High Explosive/Semi Armor-Piercing (RP-3 HE/SAP) SAF_rocket_artillery_equipment_2
RP-3 High Explosive/General Purpose (RP-3 HE/GP) CAN_rocket_artillery_equipment_1
RP-3 High Explosive/Semi Armor-Piercing (RP-3 HE/SAP) CAN_rocket_artillery_equipment_2
RP-3 High Explosive/General Purpose (RP-3 HE/GP) AST_rocket_artillery_equipment_1
RP-3 High Explosive/Semi Armor-Piercing (RP-3 HE/SAP) AST_rocket_artillery_equipment_2
RP-3 High Explosive/General Purpose (RP-3 HE/GP) NZL_rocket_artillery_equipment_1
RP-3 High Explosive/Semi Armor-Piercing (RP-3 HE/SAP) NZL_rocket_artillery_equipment_2
RP-3 High Explosive/General Purpose (RP-3 HE/GP) RAJ_rocket_artillery_equipment_1
RP-3 High Explosive/Semi Armor-Piercing (RP-3 HE/SAP) RAJ_rocket_artillery_equipment_2
Towed Artillery (Artillery) artillery_equipment_1
Towed Rocket Artillery (Rocket Artillery) rocket_artillery_equipment_1
Infantry Equipment (Infantry Eq.) infantry_equipment
Basic Infantry Equipment (Basic Eq.) infantry_equipment_0
Infantry Equipment I (Weapons I) infantry_equipment_1
Infantry Equipment II (Weapons II) infantry_equipment_2
Infantry Equipment III (Weapons III) infantry_equipment_3
Gewehr 98 (Gewehr 98) GER_infantry_equipment_0
Karabiner 98k (Karabiner 98k) GER_infantry_equipment_1
MP 38 (MP 38) GER_infantry_equipment_2
MP 43 (MP 43) GER_infantry_equipment_3
Panzerfaust 30 GER_infantry_at
Panzerschreck GER_infantry_at2
MG 08 & leichter Minenwerfer GER_support_weapons
MG 34 & 5 cm Granatwerfer 36 GER_support_weapons2
MG 42 & 8 cm Granatwerfer 34 GER_support_weapons3
MG 45 & 12 cm Granatwerfer 42 GER_support_weapons4
M-N M1891/30 (M-N 1891/30) SOV_infantry_equipment_0
SVT-38/40 (SVT-38/40) SOV_infantry_equipment_1
PPSh-41 (PPSh-41) SOV_infantry_equipment_2
PPS-43 (PPS-43) SOV_infantry_equipment_3
PTRD SOV_infantry_at
RPG-43 SOV_infantry_at2
PM M1910 & 9 cm GR SOV_support_weapons
DP & RM-38 SOV_support_weapons2
DS-39 & 82-PM-41 SOV_support_weapons3
SG-43 Goryunov & 120-PM-43 SOV_support_weapons4
Rifle No.1 MkIII (Rifle No.1 MkIII) ENG_infantry_equipment_0
Rifle No.4 MkI (Rifle No.4 MkI) ENG_infantry_equipment_1
Sten MkII (Sten MkII) ENG_infantry_equipment_2
Sterling MkI (Sterling MkI) ENG_infantry_equipment_3
Boys Anti-Tank Rifle ENG_infantry_at
PIAT ENG_infantry_at2
Vickers MG & Stokes mortar ENG_support_weapons
Lewis Mk. III DEMS & SBML two-inch mortar ENG_support_weapons2
Bren Mk. I & ML 3 inch mortar ENG_support_weapons3
Bren Mk. III & ML 4.2 inch Mortar ENG_support_weapons4
M1903 Springfield (M1903 Springfield) USA_infantry_equipment_0
M1 Garand (M1 Garand) USA_infantry_equipment_1
M1 Thompson (M1 Thompson) USA_infantry_equipment_2
M2 Carbine (M2 Carbine) USA_infantry_equipment_3
M1 Bazooka USA_infantry_at
M20 recoilless rifle USA_infantry_at2
BAR & Stokes mortar USA_support_weapons
M1917 Browning MG & M2 60 mm mortar USA_support_weapons2
M1919 Browning MG & M1 mortar USA_support_weapons3
M1941 Johnson MG & M2 4.2 inch mortar USA_support_weapons4
Carcano M91 (Carcano M91) ITA_infantry_equipment_0
Carcano M38 (Carcano M38) ITA_infantry_equipment_1
MAB-38 (MAB-38) ITA_infantry_equipment_2
FNAB-43 (FNAB-43) ITA_infantry_equipment_3
Mle 1886 M93 (Mle 1886 M93) FRA_infantry_equipment_0
MAS-36 (MAS-36) FRA_infantry_equipment_1
MAS-38 (MAS-38) FRA_infantry_equipment_2
MAS-40 (MAS-40) FRA_infantry_equipment_3
FM Chauchat & Stokes mortar FRA_support_weapons
Hotchkiss M1914 & Brandt Mle 1935 FRA_support_weapons2
FM 24/29 & Brandt Mle 27/31 FRA_support_weapons3
Hotchkiss M1922 & Brandt Mle 1942 FRA_support_weapons4
Type 38 Rifle (Type 38) JAP_infantry_equipment_0
Type 99 Rifle (Type 99) JAP_infantry_equipment_1
Type 100/40 (Type 100/40) JAP_infantry_equipment_2
Type 100/44 (Type 100/44) JAP_infantry_equipment_3
Type 2 Rifle Grenade JAP_infantry_at
Type 4 AT Rocket Launcher JAP_infantry_at2
Type 3 Heavy Machine Gun & Type 11 mortar JAP_support_weapons
Type 11 LMG & Type 10 grenade discharger JAP_support_weapons2
Type 99 LMG & Type 94 mortar JAP_support_weapons3
Type 1 HMG & Type 2 12 cm Mortar JAP_support_weapons4
Zbrojovka Brno vz.24 (vz.24) CZE_infantry_equipment_0
Zbrojovka Brno ZH-29 (ZH-29) CZE_infantry_equipment_1
Koucký ZK-383 (ZK-383) CZE_infantry_equipment_2
ČZUB Sa23 vz.48 (Sa23 vz.48) CZE_infantry_equipment_3
Karabin wz.98a (Kb Mauser wz.98a) POL_infantry_equipment_0
Kbsp wz.38M (Kbsp wz.38M) POL_infantry_equipment_1
PM wz.38 Mors (wz. 38 Mors) POL_infantry_equipment_2
PM wz.43 Blyskawica (wz. 43 Blyskawica) POL_infantry_equipment_3
Kb Ppanc wz. 35 Ur POL_infantry_at
ET-38 anti-tank grenade POL_infantry_at2
Ckm wz. 25 & Mozdzierz wz. 18 POL_support_weapons
Rkm Browning wz.1928 & Granatnik wz. 36 POL_support_weapons2
Ckm wz.32 & Mozdzierz wz. 31 POL_support_weapons3
Nkm wz. 38 FK & Mozdzierz wz. 40 ST POL_support_weapons4
Mannlicher M1893 (Mannlicher M1893) ROM_infantry_equipment_0
ZB vz.24 (ZB vz.24) ROM_infantry_equipment_1
Orita M1941 (Orita M1941) ROM_infantry_equipment_2
Orita Carbine (Orita Carbine) ROM_infantry_equipment_3
Mannlicher M95 (Mannlicher M95) HOL_infantry_equipment_0
Johnson M41 (Johnson M41) HOL_infantry_equipment_1
Bergmann MP28 (Bergmann MP28) HOL_infantry_equipment_2
Johnson M44 (Johnson M44) HOL_infantry_equipment_3
Mauser m/38 (Mauser m/38) SWE_infantry_equipment_0
Ag m/42 (Ag m/42) SWE_infantry_equipment_1
kpist m/37-39 (kpist m/37-39) SWE_infantry_equipment_2
Kpist m/45 (Kpist m/45) SWE_infantry_equipment_3
Ross Rifle (Ross Rifle) CAN_infantry_equipment_0
SAL Rifle No.4 MkI (SAL Rifle No.4 MkI) CAN_infantry_equipment_1
M50 Reising (M50 Reising) CAN_infantry_equipment_2
Johnson M44 (Johnson M44) CAN_infantry_equipment_3
Boys Anti-Tank Rifle CAN_infantry_at
PIAT CAN_infantry_at2
Vickers MG & Stokes mortar CAN_support_weapons
Lewis Mk. III DEMS & SBML two-inch mortar CAN_support_weapons2
Bren Mk. I & ML 3 inch mortar CAN_support_weapons3
Bren Mk. III & ML 4.2 inch Mortar CAN_support_weapons4
LSAF Rifle No.1 MkIII (LSAF Rifle No.1 MkIII) AST_infantry_equipment_0
LSAF Rifle No.6 MkI (LSAF Rifle No.6 MkI) AST_infantry_equipment_1
Owen Gun (Owen Gun) AST_infantry_equipment_2
Electrolux SMLE-CAR (Electrolux SMLE-CAR) AST_infantry_equipment_3
Boys Anti-Tank Rifle AST_infantry_at
PIAT AST_infantry_at2
Vickers MG & Stokes mortar AST_support_weapons
Lewis Mk. III DEMS & SBML two-inch mortar AST_support_weapons2
Bren Mk. I & ML 3 inch mortar AST_support_weapons3
Bren Mk. III & ML 4.2 inch Mortar AST_support_weapons4
Steyr M95/30 (Steyr M95/30) AUS_infantry_equipment_0
Steyr Stutzen M95/30 (Steyr Stutzen M95/30) AUS_infantry_equipment_1
Steyr MP34 (Steyr MP34) AUS_infantry_equipment_2
Steyr MG30 (Steyr MG30) AUS_infantry_equipment_3
M/27 Pystykorva (M/27 Pystykorva) FIN_infantry_equipment_0
M/39 Ukko-Pekka (M/39 Ukko-Pekka) FIN_infantry_equipment_1
Suomi KP/-31 (Suomi KP/-31) FIN_infantry_equipment_2
KP m/44 (KP m/44) FIN_infantry_equipment_3
FEG M95/31 (FEG M95/31) HUN_infantry_equipment_0
FEG 35M (FEG 35M) HUN_infantry_equipment_1
Danuvia 39M (Danuvia 39M) HUN_infantry_equipment_2
Danuvia 43M (Danuvia 43M) HUN_infantry_equipment_3
Schmidt-Rubin M1911 (Schmidt-Rubin M1911) SWI_infantry_equipment_0
Karabiner K31 (Karabiner K31) SWI_infantry_equipment_1
Hispano-Suiza MP43/44 (Hispano-Suiza MP43/44) SWI_infantry_equipment_2
SIG MP46 (SIG MP46) SWI_infantry_equipment_3
Mauser M93 (Mauser M93) SPR_infantry_equipment_0
Destroyer Carbine (Destroyer Carbine) SPR_infantry_equipment_1
Labora Fontbernat M38 (Labora Fontbernat M38) SPR_infantry_equipment_2
EMP-Coruña (EMP-Coruña) SPR_infantry_equipment_3
Mauser M89 (Mauser M89) BEL_infantry_equipment_0
Mauser M35 (Mauser M35) BEL_infantry_equipment_1
Mitraillette 34 (Mitraillette 34) BEL_infantry_equipment_2
FN mle30 Type D (FN mle30 Type D) BEL_infantry_equipment_3
Mannlicher M95 (Mannlicher M95) BUL_infantry_equipment_0
Steyr Stutzen M95/30 (Steyr Stutzen M95/30) BUL_infantry_equipment_1
Koucký ZK-383 (ZK-383) BUL_infantry_equipment_2
Schmeisser MP41 (Schmeisser MP41) BUL_infantry_equipment_3
Rifle No.1 MkIII (Rifle No.1 MkIII) SAF_infantry_equipment_0
Rifle No.4 MkI (Rifle No.4 MkI) SAF_infantry_equipment_1
Sten MkII (Sten MkII) SAF_infantry_equipment_2
Reider SMLE-CAR (Reider SMLE-CAR) SAF_infantry_equipment_3
Boys Anti-Tank Rifle SAF_infantry_at
PIAT SAF_infantry_at2
Vickers MG & Stokes mortar SAF_support_weapons
Lewis Mk. III DEMS & SBML two-inch mortar SAF_support_weapons2
Bren Mk. I & ML 3 inch mortar SAF_support_weapons3
Bren Mk. III & ML 4.2 inch Mortar SAF_support_weapons4
GRI No.1 MkIII (GRI No.1 MkIII) RAJ_infantry_equipment_0
POF No.4 MkI (POF No.4 MkI) RAJ_infantry_equipment_1
GRI Sten MkII (GRI Sten MkII) RAJ_infantry_equipment_2
GRI Sterling MkI (GRI Sterling MkI) RAJ_infantry_equipment_3
Boys Anti-Tank Rifle RAJ_infantry_at
PIAT RAJ_infantry_at2
Vickers MG & Stokes mortar RAJ_support_weapons
Lewis Mk. III DEMS & SBML two-inch mortar RAJ_support_weapons2
Bren Mk. I & ML 3 inch mortar RAJ_support_weapons3
Bren Mk. III & ML 4.2 inch Mortar RAJ_support_weapons4
Mannlicher M95M (Mannlicher M95M) YUG_infantry_equipment_0
Puška M24 (Puška M24) YUG_infantry_equipment_1
EMP-35 (EMP-35) YUG_infantry_equipment_2
ZB vz.26 (ZB vz.26) YUG_infantry_equipment_3
Zbrojovka Brno vz.24 (vz.24) SLO_infantry_equipment_0
Zbrojovka Brno ZH-29 (ZH-29) SLO_infantry_equipment_1
Koucký ZK-383 (ZK-383) SLO_infantry_equipment_2
ČZUB Sa23 vz.48 (Sa23 vz.48) SLO_infantry_equipment_3
Rifle No.1 MkIII (Rifle No.1 MkIII) NZL_infantry_equipment_0
Rifle No.4 MkI (Rifle No.4 MkI) NZL_infantry_equipment_1
Owen Gun (Owen Gun) NZL_infantry_equipment_2
Electrolux SMLE-CAR (Electrolux SMLE-CAR) NZL_infantry_equipment_3
Boys Anti-Tank Rifle NZL_infantry_at
PIAT NZL_infantry_at2
Vickers MG & Stokes mortar NZL_support_weapons
Lewis Mk. III DEMS & SBML two-inch mortar NZL_support_weapons2
Bren Mk. I & ML 3 inch mortar NZL_support_weapons3
Bren Mk. III & ML 4.2 inch Mortar NZL_support_weapons4
Type 88 (Type 88) CHI_infantry_equipment_0
Type 24 (Type 24) CHI_infantry_equipment_1
TsingTao MP18 (TsingTao MP18) CHI_infantry_equipment_2
ZB vz.26 (ZB vz.26) CHI_infantry_equipment_3
Type 88 (Type 88) PRC_infantry_equipment_0
Type 24 (Type 24) PRC_infantry_equipment_1
TsingTao MP18 (TsingTao MP18) PRC_infantry_equipment_2
PPSh-41 (PPSh-41) PRC_infantry_equipment_3
Type 88 (Type 88) YUN_infantry_equipment_0
Type 24 (Type 24) YUN_infantry_equipment_1
TsingTao MP18 (TsingTao MP18) YUN_infantry_equipment_2
ZB vz.26 (ZB vz.26) YUN_infantry_equipment_3
Type 88 (Type 88) GXC_infantry_equipment_0
General Liu Rifle (General Liu Rifle) GXC_infantry_equipment_1
TsingTao MP18 (TsingTao MP18) GXC_infantry_equipment_2
M42 Marlin (M42 Marlin) GXC_infantry_equipment_3
Type 88 (Type 88) SHX_infantry_equipment_0
Type 24 (Type 24) SHX_infantry_equipment_1
TsingTao MP18 (TsingTao MP18) SHX_infantry_equipment_2
ZB vz.26 (ZB vz.26) SHX_infantry_equipment_3
Type 88 (Type 88) XSM_infantry_equipment_0
Type 24 (Type 24) XSM_infantry_equipment_1
TsingTao MP18 (TsingTao MP18) XSM_infantry_equipment_2
ZB vz.26 (ZB vz.26) XSM_infantry_equipment_3
M-N M1891/30 (M-N 1891/30) MON_infantry_equipment_0
SVT-38/40 (SVT-38/40) MON_infantry_equipment_1
PPD-40 (PPD-40) MON_infantry_equipment_2
PPSh-41 (PPSh-41) MON_infantry_equipment_3
M-N M1891/30 (M-N 1891/30) TAN_infantry_equipment_0
SVT-38/40 (SVT-38/40) TAN_infantry_equipment_1
PPD-40 (PPD-40) TAN_infantry_equipment_2
PPSh-41 (PPSh-41) TAN_infantry_equipment_3
Mondragón M94 (Mondragón M94) MEX_infantry_equipment_0
Mondragón M08 (Mondragón M08) MEX_infantry_equipment_1
Mendoza C-34 (Mendoza C-34) MEX_infantry_equipment_2
Mendoza RM2 (Mendoza RM2) MEX_infantry_equipment_3
Mannlicher M03 (Mannlicher M03) GRE_infantry_equipment_0
Mannlicher M95/24 (Mannlicher M95/24) GRE_infantry_equipment_1
EYP Hotchkiss M26 (EYP Hotchkiss M26) GRE_infantry_equipment_2
EPK-Pyrkal SMG (EPK-Pyrkal SMG) GRE_infantry_equipment_3
Mauser 93 (Mauser 93) TUR_infantry_equipment_0
M38 Kırıkkale (M38 Kırıkkale) TUR_infantry_equipment_1
Sten MkII (Sten MkII) TUR_infantry_equipment_2
ZB vz.26 (ZB vz.26) TUR_infantry_equipment_3
Mauser 98 (Mauser 98) PER_infantry_equipment_0
Zbrojovka Brno vz.24 (vz.24) PER_infantry_equipment_1
ZB vz.30 (ZB vz.30) PER_infantry_equipment_2
PPSh-41 (PPSh-41) PER_infantry_equipment_3
Espingarda m/04 (Espingarda m/04) POR_infantry_equipment_0
Espingarda m/04/39 (Espingarda m/04/39) POR_infantry_equipment_1
Bergmann MP28 (Bergmann MP28) POR_infantry_equipment_2
FBP m/948 (FBP m/948) POR_infantry_equipment_3
Mauser M91 (Mauser M91) ARG_infantry_equipment_0
Mauser M09 (Mauser M09) ARG_infantry_equipment_1
Hafdasa C-4 (Hafdasa C-4) ARG_infantry_equipment_2
Halcón M-43 (Halcón M-43) ARG_infantry_equipment_3
BM-13 Katyusha (Katyusha) SOV_motorized_rocket_equipment_1
T27 Xylophone USA_motorized_rocket_equipment
T27 Xylophone (Xylophone) USA_motorized_rocket_equipment_1