Hearts of Iron IV Event IDs

Below is a searchable list of all event names and event codes from Hearts of Iron 4 on Steam (PC / Mac). Type the name or ID of an event into the search box to instantly filter all events.

EU4 Event IDs Victoria 2 Event IDs

Name Event ID
Anschluss germany.4
Anti-Comintern Pact germany.5
The Tripartite Pact germany.6
The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact germany.11
Moscow Signs the Pact germany.12
Moscow Rejects the Pact germany.13
The Partitioning of Poland germany.14
Germany Honors the Pact germany.15
Germany Betrays the Pact germany.16
Second Vienna Award germany.20
Romania Rejects Our Verdict germany.21
Memel - Lithuania Folds germany.22
Memel - Lithuania Refuses Demand germany.23
German Military Mission to China germany.24
Military Advisors Recalled germany.25
China Detains Military Advisors germany.26
Fortifying the Westwall germany.27
Germans press for Anschluss germany.28
Austria refuses the Anschluss! germany.29
The Munich Conference germany.40
France leaves the Allies germany.43
The Munich Diktat germany.46
First Vienna Award germany.51
The Annexation of Zaolzie germany.52
The Fate of Czechoslovakia germany.53
The Czechs Resist germany.54
The Partition of Czechoslovakia germany.56
Hungary Rejects Our Offer germany.57
The Polish Question germany.58
The Remilitarization of the Rhineland germany.60
Britain Refuses War germany.63
Britain Supports Us germany.64
France and Britain Mobilize! germany.65
France Mobilizes! germany.66
France Backs Down germany.67
France Refuses to Back Down germany.68
The Oster Conspiracy germany.70
The Führer is Dead germany.71
The Conspiracy Fails germany.72
The Conspiracy Succeeds germany.73
Preparing the Ground germany.74
German-Soviet Treaty germany.75
Soviets Accept German-Soviet Treaty germany.76
Soviets Reject German-Soviet Treaty germany.77
German Joint Air Research germany.78
Ultimatum from Germany germany.79
Danzig for Slovakia germany.80
Danzig Ceded for Slovakia germany.81
[From.GetNameDef] Refuses to give up Danzig germany.82
Anti-Soviet Pact germany.83
Call Pact Members to War germany.84
[From.GetName] Calls Pact Members to War germany.85
Danzig or War germany.86
Poland Cedes Danzig germany.87
Poland Refuses to Cede Danzig germany.88
The Marco Polo Bridge Incident china.1
Germany Withdraws Advisors china.2
Poor Sino - German Relations china.3
Military Advisors Detained china.4
Cornered No More china.5
Preparing Attack Against Communists china.6
Kuomintang Launch Offensive china.7
Communists Retreat china.8
Victory Against Communists china.9
Communists Repel Attack china.10
Defeat Against the Kuomintang china.11
Victory Against the Kuomintang china.12
Clash with Communist Guerrillas china.13
Defeat in [From.GetName] china.14
Victory in [From.From.GetName] china.15
Defeat in [From.GetName] china.16
Victory in [From.From.GetName] china.17
Clash with Nationalist Army china.18
China Comes Under Further Attack china.100
China Is Under Attack china.101
China Is Under Attack china.102
China Unites china.103
China Is Under Attack china.104
China Unites china.105
China Unites china.106
No Longer United china.107
Communism Advances china.108
Fight For China! china.109
[From.GetName] Declares War china.110
No Longer United china.111
Joining the People's Republic of China china.200
Communist Revolters Join the Republic china.201
Communist uprisings in [CHI_communist_state.GetName] china.202
Communist uprisings in [CHI_communist_state.GetName] china.203
A [Root.GetAdjective] Capital china.204
Civil War! spain.1
Seek International Support? spain.2
Nationalist Spain Wants Our Help spain.4
Republican Spain Wants Our Help spain.5
Nationalist Spain Appreciates our Help spain.6
Republican Spain Appreciates our Help spain.7
Madrid Reclaimed spain.8
Spanish Election of 1936 spain.9
Request Balearic Islands from Spain italy.9
Spain Gives Up Balearic Islands italy.10
Spain Refuses to Give Up Islands italy.11
London Conference italy.12
First Ljubljana Award italy.13
Germany Thwarts our Demands italy.14
Germany Supports our Demands italy.15
Germany Almost Supports Us italy.16
Japan Demands Indochina france.1
Extension of the Maginot Line france.2
Extension of the Alpine Line france.3
Defeat france.10
France Proposes Union france.11
Britain Agrees to Union france.12
Britain Refuses Union france.13
Triumph in France france.14
Germany Refuses Armistice! france.15
Stay Together, Stay Strong! france.16
Invitation to French Faction france.17
[From.GetName] Joins French Faction france.18
[From.GetName] Refuses French Alliance france.19
Resistance to the armistice france.20
Workers threaten with strikes france.21
Revisit Matignon Agreements france.22
Strikes Are Over france.23
The Communist Threat france.24
London Conference france.25
London Conference france.26
Germany Backs Italian Demands france.27
Syria Defects france.28
Britain accepts ally request france.29
Britain denies ally request france.30
France Extends Maginot Line low.1
Japanese Build-Up soviet.1
Successful Raid soviet.2
Failed Raid soviet.3
Romania Surrenders Bessarabia soviet.4
Romania Refuses Our Demands soviet.5
Estonia Submits soviet.6
Estonia Refuses Our Offer soviet.7
Latvia Submits soviet.8
Latvia Refuses Our Offer soviet.9
Lithuania Submits soviet.10
Lithuania Refuses Our Offer soviet.11
Finland Accepts Our Demands soviet.12
Finland Rejects Our Demands soviet.13
Membership in the USSR soviet.14
Tannu Tuva Refuses! soviet.15
The Annexation of Tannu Tuva soviet.16
Improving the Stalin Line soviet.17
The Partitioning of Poland soviet.60
Soviets honor the pact soviet.61
Soviets violate the pact soviet.62
The Russians Demand Karelia finland.1
Request Swedish Assistance in War finland.2
Finland Seeks Swedish Support finland.3
Sweden Rejects Request finland.4
Sweden Sends Volunteers finland.5
Sweden Joins Our War finland.6
Peace Negotiations With [SOV.GetNameDef] finland.7
[From.GetNameDef] Offers Concessions finland.8
[From.GetNameDef] Refuses finland.9
Border Skirmish: Soviet Victory japan.3
Border Skirmish: Japanese Victory japan.4
Soviet Withdrawal japan.5
The French Accept Our Demands japan.6
The French Refuse Our Demands japan.7
Germany Recalls Advisors japan.8
Germany Refuses Our Request japan.9
Issue Ultimatum to Siam japan.11
Japan Issues Ultimatum japan.12
Siam Accepts Ultimatum japan.13
Siam Rejects Ultimatum japan.14
Soviet Union Demands Bessarabia romania.1
Second Vienna Award romania.2
Germany Mediates Dispute romania.4
Treaty of Craiova romania.5
A Hard Choice romania.6
Soviet Ultimatum baltic.1
Germany Demands Memel baltic.4
Communists In Control. baltic.5
[From.GetName] Requests [Root.GetAdjective] Participation in the [From.GetFactionName] baltic.7
German Arbitration hungary.1
Second Vienna Award hungary.2
First Ljubljana Award hungary.6
Treaty of Craiova - Romania Agrees bulgaria.1
Treaty of Craiova - Romania Refuses bulgaria.2
First Ljubljana Award bulgaria.3
Treaty Of Craiova bulgaria.4
Treaty Of Craiova bulgaria.5
Albania Yields italy.1
Zog Rejects the Ultimatum italy.2
Italian Ultimatum italy.3
Extension of the Vallo Alpino italy.4
Italian-German Technology Treaty italy.5
Italian-German Technology Treaty - Accepted! italy.6
Italian-German Technology Treaty - Rejected! italy.7
Join the French faction. italy.8
Earhart Wants to Enlist usa.1
Manifest Destiny usa.2
American Fleet in Pearl Harbor usa.3
Destroyers for Bases Agreement usa.4
Britain refuses offer usa.5
Election of [GetYear] usa.6
Roosevelt vs Willkie usa.7
Landon vs Roosevelt usa.8
Roosevelt vs Dewey usa.9
[Root.GetLeader] vs Roosevelt usa.10
Roosevelt vs MacArthur usa.11
Campaign of Douglas MacArthur usa.12
Roosevelt Passes Away usa.13
Marco Polo Bridge Incident news.1
[JAP.GetNameDef] Demands French Indochina news.5
Soviet - Japanese Skirmish news.7
Soviet Withdrawal news.9
Soviet Union Claims Bessarabia news.10
Romania Rejects Soviet Demands news.11
[FIN.GetNameDef] Rejects Soviet Demands news.12
[FIN.GetNameDef] Accepts Soviet Demands news.13
[SOV.GetNameDef] Annexes [TAN.GetNameDef] news.14
Second Vienna Award news.15
Romania Rejects German Arbitration news.17
[GER.GetNameDef] Claims Memel news.19
[LIT.GetNameDef] Rejects German Demands news.20
Treaty of Craiova news.21
Zog Submits to Italy news.22
Zog Defiant news.23
The Polish Question news.24
The Remilitarization of the Rhineland news.25
Hitler Assassinated! news.28
Failed Attempt on Hitler's Life news.30
Civil War in Germany! news.31
The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact news.32
USSR Occupies Eastern Poland news.33
The Second Armistice at Compiégne news.34
The Birth of the Franco-British Union news.35
The Anschluss of Austria news.36
The Assassination of Leon Trotsky news.37
Trotsky Survives Assassination Attempt news.38
Trotsky Killed on Soviet Border news.39
Trotsky Launches Coup! news.40
Trotsky Meets His End news.41
The Hindenburg Disaster news.42
Hindenburg Incident news.43
The Flight of Rudolf Hess news.44
The Death of Rudolf Hess news.45
Amelia Earhart Disappears news.48
Amelia Earhart Circumnavigates Globe news.49
Anglo-Polish Alliance news.55
The Munich Agreement news.56
The Sudeten Crisis news.57
The Munich Diktat news.59
The Fate of Czechoslovakia news.60
The Spanish Civil War news.63
The End of the Spanish Civil War news.64
The Games of the XI Olympiad news.66
The Games of the XII Olympiad news.67
Soviet Expansion in Europe news.69
Soviet Influence in Europe news.70
The Fall of Warsaw news.100
The Fall of Paris news.101
The Fall of London news.102
The Fall of Leningrad news.103
The Fall of Kiev news.104
The Fall of Stalingrad news.105
The Fall of Moscow news.106
The Fall of Sevastopol news.107
The Fall of Baku news.108
The Fall of Cairo news.109
The Fall of Washington news.110
The Fall of New York news.111
The Fall of Gibraltar news.112
The Fall of Singapore news.117
The Fall of Pearl Harbor news.118
The Fall of New South Wales news.119
The Fall of Los Angeles news.120
The Fall of Nanjing news.121
The Fall of Vladivostok news.122
The Fall of Hong Kong news.123
The Fall of Manila news.124
The Fall of Calcutta news.125
The Fall of New Delhi news.126
The Fall of the Panama Canal news.127
The Fall of Berlin news.128
The Fall of Rome news.132
The Liberation of Paris news.134
The Fall of Tokyo news.135
The Liberation of London news.137
The Liberation of Warsaw news.139
Coup d'état in Yugoslavia news.150
Rhineland Remains Demilitarized news.151
Germany Breaks Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact news.153
USSR Breaks Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact news.154
Germany At War Again news.155
Komet Sighted news.156
[From.From.GetName] Intervenes in [From.GetAdjective] war news.157
[From.From.GetName] Intervenes in [From.GetAdjective] war news.158
The Dawn of [From.GetFactionName] news.159
Germany Under Attack news.160
France Bans Communism news.161
London Conference news.163
Crisis In Slovenia news.164
Crisis In Slovenia news.165
London Agreement news.166
Crisis In Slovenia news.167
First Ljubljana Award news.168
The Fate Of Yugoslavia news.169
Second Ljubljana Award news.170
Second Ljubljana Award news.171
Greece Submits news.172
The Fourth International news.173
[From.GetName] Pursues Nuclear Technology news.174
France and Britain Announce Alliance news.175
Britain Rejects Alliance With France news.176
The Little Entente news.177
The Left Ascendant in France news.178
The Right Ascendant in France news.179
France is Welcomed Into the Comintern news.180
[France.GetName] and [From.GetName] Unite news.181
[France.GetName] Joins the [From.GetFactionName]! news.182
[From.GetName] Rejects French Alliance! news.183
Italy Pursues Closer Bonds With Germany news.184
[From.GetName] Seeks Extensive Military Pact news.185
Italy Lays Claim to Greek Territory news.186
Italy Seeks Support From [GRE.GetName] news.187
[ITA.GetName] Seeks Reconciliation With [TUR.GetName] news.188
Italy Demands Anatolian Naval Bases news.189
Balearic Islands ceded to [Italy.GetName] news.190
Italy Announces Claims On Yugoslavian Territory news.192
Italian Foreign Office in [YUG.GetName] news.193
Eastern Poland Ceded to [From.GetName] news.194
[From.GetName] Granted Eastern Germany news.195
The [From.GetName] Encourages Revolutionaries news.196
[From.GetName] Gives in to [Soviet.GetAdjective] Ultimatum news.197
[From.GetName] Resists [Soviet.GetAdjective] Ultimatum news.198
[ROM.GetNameDef] Cedes Bessarabia to [From.GetNameDef] news.199
German Diplomatic Influence in [CZE.GetNameDef] news.200
[GER.GetNameDef] Forces [TUR.GetNameDef] to Submit news.201
Slovakia For Danzig news.202
Poland Cedes Danzig news.203
Poland Refuses German Ultimatum news.204
The Pax Americana news.205
American Anti-Imperialism news.206
[USA.GetNameDef] Denounces the Comintern news.207
The Japanese Army Embraces Nanshin-ron news.208
The Japanese Army Embraces Hokushin-ron news.209
Japan Replaces Government in China news.210
Japan Claims Hegemony in East Asia news.211
Japanese Diplomats in Berlin news.212
[USA.GetNameDef] Stands Against Fascism news.213
Poland Seeks Baltic Cooperation news.214
[GER.GetName] Formalises Anti-Soviet Pact news.215
[TUR.GetName] Resists Ultimatum From [GER.GetName]. news.216
[GER.GetNameDef] Drives [TUR.GetNameDef] to Join the [ENG.GetFactionName] news.217
Yes! We Have No Bananas news.218
Leadership Purges in [SOV.GetNameDef] news.219
Officers Revolt in [SOV.GetNameDef]! news.220
Trotsky Returns to [SOV.GetNameDef] news.221
[ENG.GetAdjective] Parliament Debates Intervention in Scandinavia news.222
[ENG.GetAdjective] Parliament Debates Intervention in the Benelux news.223
[ENG.GetNameDef] Pressures [Spain.GetNameDef] news.224
[ENG.GetNameDef] Exerts Influence in [TUR.GetNameDef] news.225
[ENG.GetNameDef] Exerts Influence in [GRE.GetNameDef] news.226
A Dark and Savage Journey news.227
[ENG.GetNameDef] Announces Balkan Diplomatic Initiative news.228
[GRE.GetNameDef] Resists [GER.GetAdjective] Pressure news.229
Rebellions in the Americas news.230
[JAP.GetAdjective] Build-up On [CHI.GetAdjective] Border news.231
[GER.GetNameDef] Seeks Scandinavian Support news.232
[GER.GetAdjective] Interest in Scandinavia news.233
[GER.GetAdjective] Pressure Towards the Benelux news.234
Chaplin Seized in California news.235
The Yalta Conference news.236
The Anschluss of Austria news.237
[AST.GetNameDef] Assumes Responsibility for Colonial Holdings news.238
[AST.GetNameDef] Joins the [SOV.GetFactionName] news.239
The Treaty of Jayapura news.240
[NZL.GetNameDef] Submits to [AST.GetAdjective] Influence news.241
[AST.GetNameDef] Assumes Control of Southeast Asian Colonies news.242
[AST.GetNameDef] and [JAP.GetNameDef] Announce Alliance news.243
[AST.GetNameDef] Establishes Sphere of Influence news.244
[USA.GetNameDef] Joins [AST.GetAdjective] Defense Initiative news.245
[USA.GetNameDef] and [CAN.GetNameDef] Formalize Alliance news.246
[CAN.GetNameDef] Joins [GER.GetAdjective]-led Alliance! news.247
[ENG.GetNameDef] Gives Up Northeastern Territories news.248
[CAN.GetNameDef] and [MEX.GetNameDef] Unite! news.249
Civil War in [MEX.GetNameDef]! news.250
[CAN.GetNameDef] Seeks Immediate Patriation news.251
[CAN.GetNameDef] Joins the [GER.GetFactionName]! news.252
[AST.GetNameDef] Seeks Distance from Commonwealth news.253
[AST.GetNameDef] and New Zealand "United" news.254
[SAF.GetNameDef] assumes responsibility for African colonies news.260
[ENG.GetNameDef] reorganizes African colonies news.261
The South African Civil War news.262
Anti-Royalist riots in [SAF.GetNameDef] news.263
The African People's Union news.264
[SAF.GetAdjective] Pressure on France news.265
The birth of [NZL.GetAdjective] Armor news.270
Big Bob enters the scene news.271
The Bengal Famine strikes news.272
The Bengal Famine ends news.273
India gains Home Rule news.280
India gains Home Rule news.281
Quit India Movement news.282
Indian National Congress triumphs in Provincial Elections news.283
Swaraj Movement makes gains in Provincial Elections news.284
Pakistan is free news.285
Australia severs ties with Britain news.286
Germany Occupies Western Poland news.287
The Chinese United Front forms news.288
Ace Pilot Promoted ace_promoted.1
A Wild Ace Appears ace_promoted.2
[From.GetCallsign] Killed Over [From.GetMissionRegion] ace_died.1
[From.GetFullName] Shot Down By [Prev.GetCallsign] ace_killed_by_ace.1
[From.GetFullName] Shot Down [Prev.GetCallsign] ace_killed_other_ace.1
[From.GetFullName] has gone down aces_killed_each_other.1
Election: Public Opposes Rearmament election.2
Election: Public Demands Rearmament election.3
Election: Fascists in Government? election.4
Election: Communists in Government? election.5
Election: Democratic Parties in Minority election.6
Fascists Influence Foreign Policy election.7
Communists Influence Foreign Policy election.8
Election: Fascist Majority election.11
Election: Communist Majority election.12
Election: Magnate Favors Fascism election.13
Election: Wartime Exception election.14
Election: Government Contested election.15
[Root.GetLeader] Enjoys Public Support election.16
Election Results Questioned election.17
Communism on the Rise political.1
Marxist Sympathies in Government political.2
Communists Execute Coup political.3
Class Conflicts Divide [Root.GetName] political.4
Soldiers Desert to Communist Partisans political.5
The [GetMonth] Revolution political.6
Fascism on the Rise political.7
Fascist Sympathies in the Military political.8
Fascist Coup d'état political.9
Civil War for Fascism political.10
Fascist Assault Divisions Form political.11
The Threat of Communism political.12
Move Towards Democracy political.13
[Root.GetRulingParty] Debates Democracy political.14
Democratic Opposition Forming political.15
Public Call for Elections political.16
Public Election in [Root.GetName] political.17
Fascists Demand Referendum political.18
Communists Demand Referendum political.19
Democrats Demand Referendum political.20
Fascists March on [Root.Capital.GetName] political.21
Communists Rise Up political.22
The [Root.GetAdjective] Spring political.23
Fascists Ridiculed political.24
Communist Fad Blows Over political.25
Democratic Movement Goes Silent political.26
[Root.GetLeader] Abandons Neutral Foreign Policy political.27
[Root.GetNameDef] Reunited political.28
The Tizard mission britain.1
Tizard successful britain.2
Tizard rejected britain.3
The Burma Road britain.4
A Puppet of Japan japan.16
China submits japan.17
China refuses japan.18
Indian Independence britain.6
Indian National Army japan.15
End trade with Germany britain.7
Demand refused! britain.8
Chamberlain Resigns britain.9
Chamberlain Passes Away britain.10
Tizard triumphant britain.21
The Xi'an Incident soviet.18
Nationalists Offer Truce soviet.19
Nationalist China Refuses Negotiations soviet.20
Truce in Chinese Civil War soviet.21
Communist China Refuses Negotiations soviet.22
Soviet Union Cedes Land soviet.23
The Fifth Column soviet.24
Trial of the Anti-Soviet Trotskyist Center soviet.25
Secret Trial of the Generals soviet.26
Trial of the 21 soviet.27
Trotskyist Coup soviet.28
France wants to join the Comintern. soviet.29
Communists relent soviet.100
Back Coup in Yugoslavia yugoslavia.1
Coup d'état yugoslavia.2
London Conference yugoslavia.3
London Diktat! yugoslavia.5
London Conference yugoslavia.6
Fate Of Yugoslavia yugoslavia.7
Unholy Alliance germany.89
Alliance refused germany.90
France wants to join our faction germany.91
Germany Refuses Ultimatum germany.92
London Conference germany.93
The London Surrender germany.94
The Yugoslavs Refuse germany.95
London Conference germany.96
London Conference germany.97
The Fate of Yugoslavia germany.98
Carve up Greece germany.99
Carve up Greece germany.100
Carve up Greece germany.101
Greece Refuses germany.102
Greece Refuses germany.103
Italy Demands Vichy Territory germany.104
Italy Leaves [Root.GetFactionName] germany.105
Treaty Of Craiova germany.106
The Flight of Rudolf Hess germany.107
The Death of Rudolf Hess germany.108
Yugoslavia Refuses germany.111
Germany Officially Requests Danzig germany.113
German Demands for Danzig germany.114
Poland Cedes Danzig germany.115
Poland Reneges On the Danzig Agreement germany.116
The Danzig Agreement germany.117
The Yalta Conference germany.118
The Yalta Conference germany.119
[yalta_partner.GetNameDef] Refuses to Participate germany.120
The Division of Germany germany.121
[From.GetNameDef] Demands the Sudetenland germany.122
[From.GetNameDef] Refuses us the Sudetenland germany.123
[From.GetNameDef] Cedes the Sudetenland germany.124
Anschluss or Destruction germany.126
[Root.GetLeader] Speaks Against [From.GetName] war_justification.1
[Root.GetLeader] Denounces [From.GetAdjective] Ideals war_justification.2
[Root.GetLeader] Warns Against [From.GetAdjective] Communism war_justification.3
[Root.GetName] Prepares for Great Struggle war_justification.4
[Root.GetLeader] Brings Revolution to [From.GetName] war_justification.5
[Root.GetLeader] Calls to Aid [From.GetAdjective] Workers war_justification.6
[From.GetAdjective] Communism Failing war_justification.7
[Root.GetLeader] Calls for Crushing [From.GetAdjective] Nationalism war_justification.8
Diplomacy with [From.GetName] Breaks Down war_justification.9
[Root.GetLeader] Calls for Intervention in [From.GetName] war_justification.10
[Root.GetLeader] Speaks Against Red Menace war_justification.11
[Root.GetLeader] Confronts [From.GetAdjective] Fascism war_justification.12
[Root.GetLeader] Calls for War Against [From.GetName] war_justification.13
[Root.GetLeader] Challenges [From.GetAdjective] Pretensions war_justification.14
[Root.GetLeader] Wants to Restore Order in [From.GetName] war_justification.15
[Root.GetLeader] Calls Out [From.GetAdjective] Oppressors war_justification.16
[Root.GetLeader] Questions [From.GetAdjective] Sovereignty war_justification.17
[Root.GetLeader] Questions the Motives of [From.GetName] war_justification.18
[Root.GetLeader] Angered by [From.GetAdjective] Posturing war_justification.19
[Root.GetLeader] Advocates Invasion of [From.GetName] war_justification.20
[From.GetLeader] Speaks Against [Root.GetName] war_justification.201
[From.GetLeader] Denounces [Root.GetAdjective] Ideals war_justification.202
[From.GetLeader] Warns Against [Root.GetAdjective] Communism war_justification.203
[From.GetName] Prepares for Great Struggle war_justification.204
[From.GetLeader] Bring Revolution to [Root.GetName] war_justification.205
[From.GetLeader] Calls to Aid [Root.GetAdjective] Workers war_justification.206
[Root.GetAdjective] Communism Failing war_justification.207
[From.GetLeader] Calls for Crushing [Root.GetAdjective] Nationalism war_justification.208
Diplomacy with [Root.GetName] Breaks Down war_justification.209
[From.GetLeader] Calls for Intervention in [Root.GetName] war_justification.210
[From.GetLeader] Speaks Against Red Menace war_justification.211
[From.GetLeader] Confronts [Root.GetAdjective] Fascism war_justification.212
[From.GetLeader] Calls for War Against [Root.GetName] war_justification.213
[From.GetLeader] Challenges [Root.GetAdjective] Pretensions war_justification.214
[From.GetLeader] Wants to Restore Order in [Root.GetName] war_justification.215
[From.GetLeader] Calls Out [Root.GetAdjective] Oppressors war_justification.216
[From.GetLeader] Questions [Root.GetAdjective] Sovereignty war_justification.217
[From.GetLeader] Questions the Motives of [Root.GetName] war_justification.218
[From.GetLeader] Angered by [Root.GetAdjective] Posturing war_justification.219
[From.GetLeader] Advocates Invasion of [Root.GetName] war_justification.220
[Root.GetLeader] Criticized for Weak Foreign Policy war_justification.301
Atomic Bombing of [From.From.GetName] nuke_dropped.1
Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima nuke_dropped.2
Atomic Bombing of Nagasaki nuke_dropped.3
Atomic Bombing of Berlin nuke_dropped.4
Atomic Bombing of London nuke_dropped.5
Atomic Bombing of Kyoto nuke_dropped.6
Atomic Bombing of Tokyo nuke_dropped.7
Atomic Bombing of Washington D.C. nuke_dropped.8
Atomic Bombing of Rome nuke_dropped.9
Atomic Bombing of Paris nuke_dropped.10
Atomic Bombing of Moscow nuke_dropped.11
Atomic Bombing of Copenhagen nuke_dropped.12
Atomic Bombing of Stockholm nuke_dropped.13
Demand Bessarabia soviet.30
Demand Karjala soviet.31
Oppress Estonia soviet.32
Oppress Latvia soviet.33
Oppress Lithuania soviet.34
[From.GetNameDef] seeks to join [SOV.GetNameDef] soviet.35
[From.GetName] wants our rule. soviet.36
Talented new officers. soviet.37
Great Patriotic War soviet.46
The Permanent Revolution soviet.48
The Second Russian Civil War soviet.49
Russian Liberation Army Founded soviet.50
NKVD Launch Coup soviet.51
The Survivors' Coup soviet.52
The Successful Purge soviet.53
Under New Leadership soviet.54
The Fascist Twilight usa.14
The Red Twilight usa.24
[From.From.GetName] has declared war on [From.GetName] usa.17
[From.GetName] intervenes in war against [being_attacked.GetName] usa.18
[From.GetNameWithFlag] gains Puppet (focus) war goal against [Root.GetName] usa.19
US Influence usa.20
US Protection usa.23
The Berlin-Moscow Axis britain.11
The Grand Alliance britain.12
France wants to join Allies britain.13
London Conference britain.14
France Deserts Us britain.15
King George V Dies britain.16
King Edward Abdicates britain.17
Return of the King britain.18
Free India Government Established britain.19
Azad Hind Leads Indian Revolt britain.20
The Indian Revolt britain.23
Eastward Expansion poland.1
Soviet Union Demands the East poland.2
Poland Cedes the East poland.3
Poland Refuses to Cede the East poland.4
Soviet Union Offers Protection poland.5
Poland Accepts Protection poland.6
Poland Refuses Protection poland.7
Poland Granted Eastern Germany poland.8
[From.GetName] Joins the [Root.GetFactionName]! poland.10
[From.GetName] Refuses to Join [Root.GetFactionName] poland.11
Wojtek Never Drops A Crate poland.12
Soviet Ultimatum greece.1
Second Ljubljana Award greece.2
Fate Of Greece greece.3
War On Turkey greece.4
The Death of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk turkey.1
[From.GetName] Is Influencing Our Politics generic.1
[Root.GetName] has capitulated country_capitulated.0
Stanley Baldwin Resigns britain.22
Édouard Daladier Resigns france.31
A tale of two cities germany.999
[From.GetName] seeks to join the [Root.GetFactionName] generic.2
[alliance_inviter.GetName] welcomes us to the [alliance_inviter.GetFactionName] generic.3
[alliance_inviter.GetName] denies request to join the [alliance_inviter.GetFactionName] generic.4
[alliance_applicant.GetName] joins the [alliance_inviter.GetFactionName] news.289
[From.GetName] invites [Root.GetName] to the [From.GetFactionName] generic.5
[alliance_applicant.GetName] accepts invitation to the [alliance_inviter.GetFactionName] generic.6
[alliance_applicant.GetName] rejects offer to join the [alliance_inviter.GetFactionName] generic.7
Otto assumes the Hungarian Crown news.290
Austria votes to unite with Hungary news.291
Austria votes against reunification news.293
Austria votes against reunification news.294
Restoration of Austria-Hungary news.295
Wilhelm assumes the Hungarian Crown news.296
Friedrich Franz assumes the Hungarian Crown news.297
Hungary Renounces Treaty of Trianon news.298
Hungary Proclaims Greater Hungary news.299
Hungary Demands Transylvania news.300
Romania Returns Transylvania news.301
Romania Rejects Hungarian Demands news.302
Hungary Demands Southern Slovakia news.303
[From.GetName] Returns Southern Slovakia news.304
[From.From.GetName] Rejects Hungarian Demands news.305
Hungary Demands the Vojvodina news.306
Yugoslavia Returns the Vojvodina news.307
Yugoslavia Rejects Hungarian Demands news.308
Hungary Claims Overlordship over Slovakia news.309
[From.GetName] Caves to Hungary news.310
[From.From.GetName] Rejects Hungarian Demands news.311
Renewal of the Rome Protocols news.312
Pact of Rome Formed news.313
Horthy Assassinated news.314
Austria Denies Referendum news.315
The Polish-Romanian Alliance news.316
The Cordon Sanitaire news.317
Bulgaria Submits to Romania news.318
Bulgaria Rejects Romanian Demands news.319
Yugoslavia Submits to Romania news.324
Yugoslavia Rejects Romanian Demands news.320
Yugoslavia Partitioned news.321
Coup in Romania news.322
King Carol II Abdicates news.323
Yugoslavia Claims Bulgaria news.325
The Banovina of Croatia news.326
Yugoslavia Claims Macedonia news.327
Yugoslavia Claims Italian Border news.328
Yugoslavia Recognizes Soviet Union news.329
The Pan-Slavic Worker's Congress news.330