How to Spawn Units in Hearts of Iron IV

Spawning units in HOI4 isn't that hard!

If you are a new player looking to learn the mechanics of the game, a well-seasoned player looking to make gameplay more interesting, or simply a someone looking to find how to to spawn units in Hearts of Iron, you've come to the right place.

In order for this command to work, you need to have the '-debug' launch option added to the game in Steam. Click here to view a guide on how to do this if you haven't already added the -debug option to your launch options. After doing this, all you need to do is enter a simple console command to spawn units, this is explained below.

The command that is used to spawn units in HOI4 is the spawn command. Its syntax is as follows:

spawn [unit name/id] [province id] [amount]

What do these parameters mean? That's explained in the table below!

Unit Name/IDThe ID of the unit you wish to spawn, e.g. 'artillery', 'anti_tank', etc.
Province IDThe ID of the province you wish to spawn the unit within.
AmountThe amount of the specified unit you wish to spawn.

So, to spawn 1 Support Anti-Tank (anti_tank) in the province with ID 4367, you'd type:

spawn anti_tank 4367 1

You could change that to 300 Support Anti-Tanks with the below command:

spawn anti_tank 4367 300

If you're looking for a list of codes like 'anti_tank', etc, you can use HOI4Cheats's searchable list of unit codes.

That's really all there is to spawning units like tanks, artillery, etc in Hearts of Iron IV. If the above commands aren't working for you, it's likely that you haven't added the launch options properly, click here to revisit our guide on how to add the -debug launch option.


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