HOI4 Whitepeace Command

General Information

The /whitepeace command can be abbreviated as /wp (shorter version). Its primary function is to instantly initiate white peace between two nations (and others involved in the war). White peace is when a war ends, and situations return to the exact way in which they were before the war - this means everything that has changed as a result of the war will revert to the way it was before the war started (e.g. territory contested between the two nations). You must use the country tags of the two 'aggressor' and 'defender' nations: meaning if you are playing as France, and you joined Poland in a war against Germany, you would type /whitepeace POL GER, rather than /whitepeace FRA GER - this is because you are fighting in a war against Poland and Germany and therefore in a literal sense, the war would be between those two countries, rather than yours.


whitepeace [country tag] [country tag]

Country TagThe country tag of the first country you wish to be a part of the white peace treaty.
Country TagThe country tag of the second country you wish to be a part of the white peace treaty.


whitepeace FRA ENG

This command would instantly end a war between France and England, and create white peace.


This command is the exact same as the command above it, but it uses the alias (shorter form) of the /whitepeace command, which is /wp.


This command would end any war between Poland and Germany, and create white peace between the two countries.