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How to Use the White Peace Cheat in Hearts of Iron IV

Maybe war wasn't such a good idea..

White peace is a peace treaty for countries at war. When white peace is made between two countries at war, the war and all forms of hostilities stop and things return to the way they were prior to the war. Things returning to the way they were before war means territory goes back to the way it was before the war started (so any territory gained during the war from an opposition is returned). The same goes for money and cores (nothing is exchanged, things go back to the way they were before the war).

This guide assumes that you know how to open and use the console, and know what country tags are. If not, see our opening the console guide and country tags help.

The white peace command can be used to instantly create white peace between two countries. It has been reported to be bugged (glitched) and no longer works as of an earlier update in the game.

If you do wish to try to use this command (to see if it works for you), you can do so by typing whitepeace followed by a space and the country tags of the two countries you wish to create white peace between. So, to create white peace between Spain and Portugal (if they were at war), you'd type:

whitepeace SPA POR

You can find more help on the whitepeace command help page.

Alternative to the Whitepeace Command

As stated above, for more recent versions of the game the whitepeace command no longer works properly. However, there are other ways to create whitepeace with console commands. Our alternative utilizes the yesman, tag and allowdiplo commands. Here are the steps:

  1. If you aren't already playing as one of the countries involved in the war, use the tag command to switch to one. (e.g. tag SPA to switch to Spain).
  2. Pause the game and type both allowdiplo and yesman into the console. Allowdiplo allows you to make any diplomatic action without justification and yesman will make all AI accept any diplomatic offers.
  3. Offer the country in the war a peace treaty. They will instantly accept because of the yesman command.
  4. Type allowdiplo and yesman into the console again to toggle the commands effects off. If you switched to another country using the tag command, switch back. Resume the game.

That's all there is to it! Find more command articles on our blog. For more commands, see all Hearts of Iron IV console commands.

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